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Tuesday, January 17

My mom came to stay over the weekend and MUCH was accomplished.

Wedding invites are in the mail.
The wedding bands have been purchased.
Hair and make-up appointments have been made.
And a bunch of other stuff.

Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in Hobby Lobby and the likes this weekend.

We also took down the Christmas tree...and in an effort to cling to my last little bit of Christmas, we got Bella a discounted penguin toy.
Then I took a picture of myself in the bathroom. Cool.
How was your weekend?


  1. you're ridiculous and I love it. I need that sign for every room of my house.

  2. Haha the time will go by really fast now, get ready!! And love that sign! my roommate had that in our house and I loved it and was sad to see her take it back lol.

    The Magnolia Pair


    that first picture made me laugh so hard.
    why oh why are you making such a serious face?
    it just kills me.

  4. Love the ornaments and your jacket.

    Congrats on getting the invites out.

    Newest follower.


  5. Anna ! By the way, I gave you a blogger award today!! :)

    Happy Friday & have a wonderful weekend girl !


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