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Monday, April 16

On Saturday, Mike and I actually got out of our pajamas and went to the Kite Festival. I wanted to try to get some colorful pictures, but couldn't really find the shot I'd been looking for.

We took Ginger and Bella and they had a great time sniffing their little hearts out.


  1. looks like a beautiful day! you're a bad Nole though in your Gator dress! ;)

  2. beautiful dress!
    beautiful dogs!
    beautiful day!
    and beautiful you!

  3. Ginger scored the jackpot with you guys!

  4. Your dogs are so precious...this looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Kite festivals are fun. I went to one in Washington DC once.

  6. this kite festival looks so cool. thanks for sharing this with us, looks like you two had a great day there. wonderful photos


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