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Monday, June 18

An instagram dump AKA the lazy man's blog post.


Like always, I've been hanging out with my cats. A lot.

Wow. Enough cat pictures. LOL JK Here's one more.

Mike made a scrumptious dinner the other night (green beans w/ bacon, chicken breast, and parmesan risotto with peas...yea I'm still drooling)...I drank wine and ate cheese like a good wife ought to.

Over the weekend, I took another trip to Charleston, this time for a preliminary pageant for our SC USA State pageant in November.

And I rounded out my Saturday with a nice, JUMBO margarita at sunset. =)


  1. this post made me laugh so hard... those cat pictures..too good..

  2. love the cat pix! and love that margarita!!

  3. haha I love cats. They're pretty fab.

    Happy Monday gorg


  4. This is not fair. You take better pictures with your phone than I ever hope to with my camera. By the way these cat pictures are amazing. The eyes are so calm and interesting. I love them. You need to link up next Monday with my Pet Photo Party. I'll send ya an email.

  5. love my cat. and margaritas. we could easily be besties.

  6. Your cats are so cute!

    You really take some beautiful pictures!


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