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Wednesday, January 2

Mike had to work on New Year's Eve. Apparently when you combine alcohol, explosives, and the promise of a fresh beginning, drunk driving and other dangerous behavior become more common during the night and into the wee hours of the morning.  People also report hearing gun fire a lot. Which is weird, right? Especially in small town Southern America.

Since I wasn't going to get a real New Year's Eve, we went to lunch and a movie during the day and I tried to at least put together some sort of sparkly ensemble.

So, Mike was out fighting crime and I toasted to 2013 with a bottle of champagne (sparkling wine?) and the cats/dogs while Skyping with my mom. They didn't seem to appreciate the evening, although Moose did enjoy the Christmas lights I busted out for the sake of my photos.

So, Happy New Year. Hope yours was a little more exciting.


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