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Tuesday, February 19

Apparently way back on Groundhog's day, good ol' P-Phil didn't see his shadow.  Which means we're in for an early spring (if you believe in the weather predicting capabilities of a rodent).  I'm sure for many in the Great-Lakes and New England areas, that's fabulous news.  It seems to have been a pretty chilly winter for y'all.

But I don't think Aiken saw it dip below 30 for more than than an hour or two this winter (I might be under-estimating on that one).  It's been mild. A mild winter to complement a sweltering, record-breaking summer.  I guess that makes sense.

I'm giving these last several days of "winter" everything I've got.  I'm talking sweaters, boots, and if I'm feeling brazen, a scarf or two.  At least on the days I wear something other than just jeans and a t-shirt to work. My "casual fridays" tend to last for weeks at a time.

I hope you folks up north enjoy this slow defrosting process.  I'm already counting down to next winter.  308 days until Christmas 2013...


  1. I'm done with winter...I'll happily embrace spring right now.


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