Moving to Virginia ▲

Tuesday, February 11

We've been staying at my mom's for about three weeks now.  I've been working for two weeks (although thanks to the snow storm, I've only actually worked 7 of those days).  We found a house and made an offer, which the bank accepted.  So now we're just dealing with all the tedious parts of getting the loan approved, the inspection, and closing requirements.  We're scheduled to close on March 7 - it seems so far away.

Beach Dogs ▲

Monday, February 10

We took Boomer and Bella to Virginia Beach to get some of their energy out.  The weather has been so snowy/rainy it has been hard to walk them.  Plus the backyard has been so soggy they can't stay out longer than 5 minutes without tracking in buckets of mud.

It was overcast and cold, but that meant the beach was empty.  We took the dogs off their leashes and just let them run.  I also picked up some salt water taffy and peanut brittle from Forbe's, so it was definitely a successful day.

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