Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sewing a Pattern

I recently bought a sewing machine so that I could make myself a halloween costume.  It inspired me to make something else, so I went to Joann Fabrics and picked out a pattern.  I bought the fabric I wanted and everything and went home ready to whip this thing up. HA!

Patterns are not easy, especially if you are easily frustrated.

I meticulously cut out all of the peices (TWICE, because my garment is reversible).  Then I flipped over the page to the step by step instructions.  That's when my head exploded.  I called it a night.  So yesterday I went back to it with motivation to finish.  The package misleadingly says "sewing time: 2 hours."  WHAT A BUNCH OF HULLABALLOO! Took me all freaking day to make this.  And then I had to rip the seam of one of my sleeves because I stiched it inside out. My needle broke once and a couple of times I forgot to put the guide foot down so things went a little haywire.  I was ready to take a hammer to the damn machine.

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