Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to expect when you go to the dog park

I take Bella to the dog park frequently enough to know what to expect.

  • There is always that one guy who brings his toy poodle into the big dog pen.  At Tom Brown Park where Bella and I go, there is a small dog pen and a big dog pen.  They are divided for a reason, but there is always a dog owner who thinks their precious little Gretchen can hold her own with the German Shepherd and Pit Bulls.  This is never the case.  Maybe for about 5 or 10 minutes little Gretchen can dart under a chair in time to avoid her head getting bitten off, but her luck never lasts much longer.  I'm sorry, but your dog just looks too much like a squirrel.  The yelps of terrorized yorkies and weiner dogs can be heard all the way at the Tee for hole number one of the frisby golf course.  Gretchen just needs to stay in the little dog pen.
  • There is always the Pit Bull with balls dangling down at its ankles.  Just cut those suckers off, already!!
  • There are always two dogs with the same name.  Bailey is a common bitch name, along with Sadie and Bella.  The boys are always Rex or Scout or Max.
  • There's always the dog that wants to hide between its owners ankles, despite the contious pleadings like, "go play with the other doggies!"  The owner always looks around embarrassed, laughs nervously, and then tries to walk to a chair while Maggie stays underfoot the entire time.  Take your stupid dog home.
  • There is always the owner that thinks all of the other dogs have a personal vendetta against his.  No, they are not all ganging up on Rover.  Sorry there are other dogs here that want to rough house with your precious mutt.  "Hey! Watch your dog, buddy!  He's trying to start a fight!"  No, he's not.  Now put away your taser and let them play.
  • There's always the dog that tries to sneak out the gate and go home with the wrong owner.  This is usually Bella.  A) because she's retarded and B) she loves field trips.
  • There's always the dog that finds the mud puddle in the corner and runs around getting everyone else dirty.  This is usually Bella, too.  It's like she has a mud radar.  And she doesn't just run through it.  She wallows in it.  She smacks it up with her paw and tries to catch it in her mouth.  She rolls around  and buries her muzzle in it.  After she thinks she's done a good job coating her entire body, she books it back to where all the people are sitting and shakes.  Then she starts wrestling with all the dogs and I sit there, pretending to be upset that this wild chid is getting my dog messy, trying to ignore the comments like, "oh great, now princess is going to have to have a bath when we get home."
this isn't at the dog park but it proves my point about the mud
  • There is always a owner that is desperate to play fetch with a dog that would just rather nap.  Sorry your dog is a lazy ass.
  • And there is always an owner that gets confused and brings their horse to the dog park.  Like today this guy brought Baby Girl, his appropriately named Great Dane, to the park.  Of course this dog was beautiful, but I really think he ought to have taken her to a ranch instead of Tom Brown.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Table Talk

In my American Lit class there is a boy with green hair.  In my Prostitution Prose class there is a girl with a mohawk and more facial piercings than I can count on my fingers. I love college.  Anyway, today I had some extra time so I sat in the courtyard of the Williams Building and wrote down some more wisdom that my peers have etched into the picnic tables.

Truth = Absolute
 --> What is an example of absolute truth and don't just say "math."
     -->You will die one day.
               -->It could be at night.

All thinking men are Atheists. - Hemingway
-->Hemingway was a bloody hack.
     -->And a suicidal one at that.

Defacing school property is a sin.
-->So are worse things...
     -->Wow, no one gets irony anymore.


Time is but a traveler through the universe where ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power, and we are the confusion of when they breed. -Rain

Thought should awaken the soul to the sensitivity of things that are beyond thought.

Life is purposeless and in that there is great freedom.  There is nothing you cannot learn from and nothing you cannot do.  Things will continue to happen whether you enjoy life or not.

Elephant shoes.

Two years he walks the pool, no pet, no cigarettes, breaking through the blindness opposed by society - to reach his final destination...the wild.

When did philosophy forget its name?

Enjoy every sandwich.

You are beautiful.

I am only skin and bones and fingernails.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sewing is hard

A while back, around the same time I made my giant fleece jacket (Pattern Making), I bought another pattern that I wanted to try.  On Friday, due to my lack of motivation and general aversion to homework, I decided to get started on it.  It's a pretty shirt that would be wonderfully comfortable in the summer.  So I started making it and gave up about one hour and two glasses of wine in.  It's still sitting on the table next to the sewing machine begging for another chance to piss me off.  Anyway, I got creative and took some pictures of the work in progress.


Yes, this picture was staged.

and so was this one.

and this one too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monsoon in Tallahassee

Today I turned in my blog about Pen Borrowers to my writing professor as an assignment.  I did not tell her it was originally a blog post and of course I revised it a little bit to make it appear more scholarly.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  I got an 'A' on it.  A very enthusiastic 'A', might I add.
Today another massive rainstorm turned FSU's campus into a large pond/river.  Here, take a look.  Excuse the poor quality.  They are taken from my phone.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bella loves the dog park

We took Bella and Kodiak to the dog park today to celebrate the nice weather.  My camera came with us.

Tired after running around and a nice dip in the lake!

Bella is such a swimmer.

Chasing after Kodiak.

I think I love going to the dog park as much as Bella does.  Free entertainment and so many PUPPIESSSS!!!

I think I had the flu over Christmas break

I got the flu shot.  But let me tell you, over new years this winter break, I was seriously on my death bed.  I didn't even party on new years eve.  I drove my friends that were staying with me in Italy to another friend's house party.  Then I went back home and hung out with my 101.5 fever all night long.  Didn't even wake up for fireworks. 

Here's a picture from the Munich airport on the way back to USA.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like, Sorry!

I hate the way people my age talk.  Using the word like sporadically in sentences while talking is a crime I am frequently guilty of committing, but I still HATE IT when I listen to people talk in class and I have to decode their message through useless "likes".  The other day a girl said, "they needed to have, like, knowledge and stuff," when we were discussing the expectations of women in 18th century high society.  Anyway, that is not what this entry is about! I can complain about my peers another day.  I've done enough of that in this blog's short life span.

Here is a picture of Bella to tide you over until I come up with an interesting topic.

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