Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Table Talk

In my American Lit class there is a boy with green hair.  In my Prostitution Prose class there is a girl with a mohawk and more facial piercings than I can count on my fingers. I love college.  Anyway, today I had some extra time so I sat in the courtyard of the Williams Building and wrote down some more wisdom that my peers have etched into the picnic tables.

Truth = Absolute
 --> What is an example of absolute truth and don't just say "math."
     -->You will die one day.
               -->It could be at night.

All thinking men are Atheists. - Hemingway
-->Hemingway was a bloody hack.
     -->And a suicidal one at that.

Defacing school property is a sin.
-->So are worse things...
     -->Wow, no one gets irony anymore.


Time is but a traveler through the universe where ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power, and we are the confusion of when they breed. -Rain

Thought should awaken the soul to the sensitivity of things that are beyond thought.

Life is purposeless and in that there is great freedom.  There is nothing you cannot learn from and nothing you cannot do.  Things will continue to happen whether you enjoy life or not.

Elephant shoes.

Two years he walks the earth...no pool, no pet, no cigarettes, breaking through the blindness opposed by society - to reach his final destination...the wild.

When did philosophy forget its name?

Enjoy every sandwich.

You are beautiful.

I am only skin and bones and fingernails.

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