Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today, I love the South.

Why I love the South:

  • I love the brick buildings with thick white columns and wrap around porches.  
  • I love squeaky old rocking chairs and wide steps with wrought iron railings.  
  • I love the bell tower on campus and the deliberate happy song it chimes when I'm least expecting it.  
  • I love that slow southern speak that rolls off the tongues of locals like the lazy lapping water at Alligator Point.  
  • I love getting lost in Maclay Gardens under a canopy of sleepy oaks and spanish moss.

  • I love that when it rains it pours and when it's hot it's the kind of heat where my lungs would rather raise a white flag than take another breath.  
  • I love the way BBQ smoke rolls around on the afternoon breeze.  
  • I love when the thunderheads stroll in and it gets so dark outside I forget it's only 4 PM.  
  • I love the dogwood trees that line Blairstone Road in all of their white-blossomed glory.  
  • I love the way swamp water dances around the bald cypress knees.

I could never live anywhere else. Except maybe Bavaria.  Because the two are so similar...

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