Saturday, August 14, 2010


I started this project over two months ago and barely have two weeks worth of photos to show for it...guess this is not going to be a 365 consecutive days sort of project...which ultimately defeats the purpose...but whatever.

Mike was nice enough to put up with me at Rye Patch the other day while we walked around and I took pictures/complained about the heat/sweated out every ounce of water in my body.  I did get some shots that I really like and you can find them on my flickr.

Today's self portrait has Mike in it...but seeing as it was taken with self timer and my tripod and I composed it without the assistance of any outsiders, I'm calling it a self portrait.  And since my fan base is basically me...I don't know why I bother explaining...and I apologize for the vast over usage of the ellipses in this post...

and I am also including this one because I just think he is so handsome.

this is a look of exasperation, not to be confused with attempted seduction.  

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