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Daily Buffalo


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How to Get Famous in 100 Blog Posts

My 100th post comes hot on the heels of my blog’s 1 year birthday!  I know it’s taken me longer than the average blogger to post 100 entries, but I only recently became as dedicated a blogger as I am now. =)

In celebration, I wanted to write a post about how to get famous, because clearly I am an expert on the topic.

So, 8 ways to achieve blog fame:

1. Blog irregularly.  Your blog followers will love that you are not dependable.  Daily entries are for amateurs.  Nobody REALLY has that much to write about.  Who are you trying to fool?

2. Never initiate comments.  It's kind of like the rule, "don't speak unless spoken to."  This is true for blog commenting, with one exception, (See #3).  Bloggers don't actually want feedback.  They just want to pour their hearts out on the interwebs without eliciting any sort of reaction from their readers.  Besides, those stupid word verification things are just plain annoying.

That's not even a word.  They should call it, "random compilation of letters verification."

3.  Never respond to comments, either.  (This is the exception mentioned in #2, so really it's not anything like the rule).  The random idiots who actually comment on your blog posts aren't really looking for a conversation.  And they definitely aren't trying to generate traffic to their own blog, so do everything in your power to avoid visiting their site.  Blogging is a selfish industry.

4.  Never follow ANYONE.  Most bloggers are simply looking to win an online popularity contest by increasing their number of followers.  The don't want dedicated readers who return week after week.  Why would you want to help them?  Just let them suffer alone in obscurity.

5.  Never actually read other bloggers' posts.  Since you aren't going to comment anyway, why bother wasting 5 minutes of your time on a post that you won't allow to evoke any sort of emotion?

6. Never become emotionally connected to a blogger.  Don't read their "About Me" section.  Don't get to know them or attempt to form any sort of intimate friendship via the internet.  Blogging is not about forming an online community.  It's about boosting your own self esteem and achieving famosity without any consideration for the people who helped you get there.  (if you like the word "famosity," check out Annah's blog.  She's the one who coined the term.  And we almost have the same name.)

7.  NEVER link to other peoples' blogs in your posts!  After all, why would you want to give credit where credit is due, or worse, redirect your readers to a way more interesting, way more popular blog?  Let's not be irrational.

8.  Never post pictures or other interesting content.  Block text is the best way to go.  Lots and lots of block text.  I mean, most of your readers are probably following this very same set of rules, so let's be honest.  They aren't paying attention to your posts anyway.  Why waste your time constructing meaningful and intriguing posts when you could be selling yourself as the next blog-to-movie star?

9. In fact, odds are, you'll get MORE famous if you just quit blogging all together! 

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The Day I Ran Over Brooke Hogan

The blog title is a slight exaggeration.

I’m just going to start by saying that I really missed Mike today.  A lot.  Long distance isn’t any fun.  Not even a little.  Not even in the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” type of way.  Long distance is synonymous with torture. Sometimes I feel like 6 hours away might as well be Japan.

Alright, enough of that.

Tallahassee has WAY too much traffic.  This issue is only magnified on game days.  If any of you actually know me, you know I’m a little bit anal about my car.  Ok...a lot a bit. I would rather drive somewhere than ride with someone.  I like knowing that my car is around if I need to dip out of a place or situation.  I don’t like being dependent on other people. 

This gets inconvenient when A) gas prices are about as high as what I could sell my liver for on eBay, and B) I drink a little too much and can’t drive home.  Anyway, I drove Megan, Tori, three raunchy high school boys (Megan’s brother and 2 friends) and myself to the football game today.  All was well until it came time to leave.  We picked up a straggler, Dani, and ended up with an extra person in the car.  Just kidding.  And I mean straggler in the most affectionate way possible.  I love her.

Megan's brother is the painted kid in the middle.   The other two hoodlums are his friends.  Then there's Tori, Me, Megan, Dani and her BF, Rob.  I didn't drive Rob.
So if you’re incompetent at math like I am, that made 7 people.  My car fits 5.  Megan and Dani were in the front.  I made them wear the seat belt.


I already knew that driving on campus today would be mayhem.  One-way roads get their direction reversed.  Some roads get shut down all together.  There is an army of cops directing traffic at every intersection.  And troops of seemingly suicidal pedestrians try to mount themselves on the hood of my car.  USE THE DAMN CROSSWALKS, PEOPLE!

Driving around battling panic attacks and anxiety about whether or not a cop was going to ticket me for not having enough seatbelts for all of my passengers was just the cherry on top of a STRESS SUNDAE.
So we turned right onto Jefferson from my parking spot.  A few seconds later I almost road-killed a drunken frat daddy because he decided to play Frogger right as the light turned green.  The road I wanted to take was blocked off and I was forced to turn left.  For some reason, the person behind me decided I was an authority on game-day travel, so they followed me down a road I didn’t even know existed.  This lead to a dead end and a U-turn and I’m sure a few curse words on their part.

“No biggie we’ll just go down Pensacola to Stadium Drive and then Gaines and then Jackson Bluff and it’ll totally work out without ANY flaws.”


We drove down Pensacola and turned onto Stadium without any hitches, but then Mr. Smarty Pants with a badge wouldn’t let me go straight because obviously the only way to avoid the apocalypse is to divert ALL traffic to the left and ONLY THE LEFT.

This ultimately led us right back to where we started…my parking spot.  This time we turned right onto Jefferson.  ===========]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]; (Buffalo just walked across my laptop and I didn’t want to delete it because I think it’s funny) A few minutes later we saw Brooke Hogan (THE Brooke Hogan) and proceeded to verbally harass her through my car windows. 

She doesn't look this photoshopped in real life. 

And when I said verbally harass, I actually mean it went more like this:

“Oh my gosh, is that Brooke Hogan?”


“Someone yell Hi to her!”

(Someone rolled down the window and yelled, “HI BROOKE!”)

She then looked over at us and smiled and waved.  The boy she was with was not cute.

We soldiered onward through the traffic. 

Anyway, seeing as I’m at home right now blogging about this, we clearly made it out of campus alive and well and ticket free.

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Daily Buffalo

I like it 'cause she looks like a fatty.



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Daily Buffalo

Originally uploaded by ♥alr

She's the prettiest kitty ever. I love her little nose. Little girl was wreaking havoc in my bedroom this morning. She woke me up at 7:00 stampeding back and forth across my bed after some sort of invisible foe. Then she managed to wedge herself between the wall and her new kitty fort so I had to get up and help her out. Right now she is inventing new ways to torment poor Bella.

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Daily Buffalo!

Originally uploaded by ♥alr

So like I said in last night's post, Mike built a totally awesome, totally last minute, totally wonderful "No Dogs Allowed" fort for Buffalo to play/sleep/meow helplessly in. Buffalo is almost as obsessed with it as I am. The cuteness never ends. Today I took some pictures of her playing in it. Here is one. Yea I know it looks more like she's staring at me and less like she's playing but you'll just have to take my word.

Thankful Thursdays!

Five things I am thankful for today:

1. My Family Problems and Social Change test is out of the way!  Last minute cramming and memorization paid off and I think I did alright.  Unfortunately it was a primarily multiple choice test, but there were two essay questions that I know I dominated.

2. Mike finally made it home safely and without any car trouble.

3. Also, Mike got the special ops position that he was dying for.  He deserves it and I know he is so happy because of it.

4. I am SUPER thankful that it is finally starting to get less humid outside and I don't get as sweaty walking to class.

5. It's almost October! Which means it's almost time for the holidays and I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!

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I know you’ve all missed me.  It was a great weekend.  Mike was in town, and aside from a myriad of car troubles (which I may or may not blog about tomorrow) and distinct lack of money, it was a GREAT weekend.  Not to mention it was our 4 “monthiversary” of officially dating. =) GAG ME. 

So what do I want to blog about tonight? My Family Problems and Social Change test in the morning? Nay.  The AWESOME cat habitat/climbing fort that Mike hand built for our baby Buffalo? NAY.  He’s embarrassed and won’t let me post pictures.  If you guessed that I wanted to blog about ordering Chinese delivery over the phone, then YOU WERE RIGHT!

Mike and I have a sort of constant battle over what to eat…whether we dine out or make something at home.  And by battle I mean I’m endlessly fickle and Mike just wants me to be happy which quickly escalates into WHY CAN’T YOU JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND MAKE MY LIFE EASIER in moody Anna code.  Especially when my level of PMS registers above an 8 on the “I want to make your life a living Hell” scale.

So When I came back from class yesterday I offered Mike 2 lunch options: CiCi’s Pizza Buffet or Anjelette’s Cajun Kitchen.  French Creole is Mike’s absolute FAVE next to every other type of food on the planet, so obviously I was shocked and dismayed when he snubbed CiCi’s and chose Anjelette’s.  I immediately berated him about his condescension towards my beloved pizza buffet, but he denied having erred on the side of snobbery and claimed to have simply chose Anjelettes because I wanted to brunch there on Saturday.  Always the diplomat, he is.  (I don’t know, but he’s not Yoda.) We ate and it was delightful.

Anyway, any other time this weekend I asked where we wanted to eat, ever the comedian, Mike suggested CiCi’s.  We finally ate there today, and despite the stress that crowded buffets cause me, it was just wonderful.  Not to mention Mike doesn’t mind that I’m easing my way into obesity and he indulged in some cinnamon rolls with me.  =)

But tonight, having finally exhausted the CiCi’s option, we decided to order CHINESE!  Usually I order carry out from the place across the street, but since I was busy channeling my inner lazy-ass, I wanted to call a place that delivers. BIG MISTAKE.


“Hi, I’d like to place an order for delivery, please.”


“Um, I’d like two orders of sweet and sour chicken, and some cheese wonton things.”


“Yes, thank you.”


“My address?”


Now, I’ll admit, Swift Way is hard to hear on the phone.  It either sounds like Swiss Way, or…well that’s about the only other thing it can sound like.

“Okay.  It’s ***** Swift Way.”

“**** TRICK VASE?”

“No, it’s S-W-I-F-T-W-A-Y”






“It’s near the intersection of Blairstone and Capital.”




“NO, bLAIRstone.”


“Okay, thank you.”

Then not even 2 minutes later I called back to cancel the order because Mike was ready to eat my left hand and couldn’t wait fahty meenutes for food.

I then called the friendly neighborhood immigrants and ordered some carry out and 15 minutes later was sitting on my back porch getting fat off sweet and sour chicken and fortune cookies.


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FSU Game Day!


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The Homeowners Association

So the numbers fell off our mailbox a long time ago, and as per Home Owners Association AKA Crazy Neighbor Lady’s standards, we had to replace them ASAP.   Because clearly the mailman is a flaming idiot and can’t do his job without THE NUMBERS!!!!!!

So I went and got these precious numbers.  And let me tell you, they’re pretty darn special, so special in fact, they can’t be bought at the store.  They can only be purchased at the Home Owners Association office. 

Clearly I had a blast with this.

Let me tell you about the people at the Home Owners Association office.  For being the anal-retentive, rule sticklers that they are, they operate on a completely ridiculous schedule.  Never mind the posted office hours.  Every time I’ve ever gone down there, a note has been posted at the door advising something along the lines of, “Out for an hour to break in my new alligator boots,” or “Closed early due to impending rainbow.”  They’re NEVER there. 

I finally managed to catch them one day before they all left to go observe some butterfly cocooning and asked the first lady I saw where I needed to go in order to get replacement mailbox numbers.  She hadn’t the slightest idea.  I then asked her if I was in the right place and she assured me this was the Homeowners Association Office.  She scampered around the corner to ask one of the other equally worthless employees if they sold mailbox numbers and then came back and ushered me to follow her.

I finally got my hands on these elusive mailbox numbers, which run $2 a piece.  I only needed a number 4 and a number 3 so I only had a five-dollar bill on me.  When I presented them with this, they acted as if I’d just released a hoard of evil hummingbirds in the office. 

“Oh, we don’t have change for that...what are you trying to do? Singlehandedly destroy us?” 

“You don’t have a dollar bill? Or four quarters? Or ten dimes? Or any combination of these?  Yet you insist that we buy our mailbox numbers from you?”

I finally got my hands on my change after a few excruciating minutes of mental math and wallet scrounging on their part.

When I get home already in a chipper mood, I walk out front to the mail box to apply the numbers.  You’ll be shocked to find out that there was no sticky backing on them.  No tape included in their wrapping to attach them to the mailbox?  HOW, dearest Homeowners Association, DO YOU EXPECT ME TO STICK THEM TO MY MAILBOX?  BY WILLING THEM WITH MY THOUGHTS? That’s not how it works.

Weeks passed until I finally bought some superglue and decided to attempt to attach the numbers.  Buying and using superglue was probably the worst idea I’ve had in a decade.  I hate superglue.  It never sticks where I want it to stick.  It only ever adheres to the pads of my fingers or my clothes. 

Just so that I never have to deal with this again, I bathed all the other numbers in super glue as an added precaution.  If they fall off again, I'm just going to tear down the mailbox and be done with it.

I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to glue the numbers to the mailbox.  They wouldn’t lay flush against the metal and when I’d finally think I’d got them to stay, I’d realize I had actually just managed to glue my finger to the number and that the glue on the mailbox hadn’t set yet.  This went on FOR-EV-ER, and finally, after expending my allotted amount of curse words for the day, I accepted the fact that I’ll probably never have fingerprints again and managed to get the numbers to stay.
I hope you’re happy, HOA.  

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is my blog's first birthday and also the 30th picture in my project 365.

Kind of on Photoshop acid for this one...sorry.

It’s been a rough 12 months, full of love, neglect, frustration and creativity.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to celebrate my 1st year in the blogosphere and haven’t come up with much.  I’m anxious to get something posted so that I can bury my previous post.  I don’t want to delete it because it’s a record of how I was feeling at a certain moment, but I realize now that my words last night can be easily misinterpreted.
Anyway, I decided to post 12 things I’ve learned over the past year.

1. It doesn’t matter how frequently I vacuum, my bedroom floor will always be covered in Bella hair.
2. The gym is never fun.
-Especially after a 4 month hiatus.
-Especially when they remodel while you’re away and you come back and feel like you’re in the twilight zone.
-Especially when Perfectly Petite Patty is using the Stairmaster Free runner death trap next to you and completes 45 minutes without breaking a sweat.
3. Retail therapy is usually the best option. 
-Especially when purses are involved.
-Especially when you’re having a skinny day.
4. Binge eating is usually the second best.
-Especially when boys are involved.
-Especially when you realize that dieting is for pansies.
5. Candles and wine have the magical power to make life instantaneously better.
6. So do stuffed animals, especially when you need something to cry into.
7. Change usually happens when you least expect or desire it.
8. But everything happens for a reason.
9. Most boys are as bad as they seem, but the good ones are worth the fight.
10. What you did in high school doesn’t matter any more.
11. Not everything works out the way you planned.
-Super glue never sticks where you want it.
-Plans to eat healthy are often thrown out the window at the first sign of chocolate cake.

12. Going to class and getting straight A’s becomes tremendously more difficult when your teacher is a hateful, bitter communist.
BONUS: Nothing in life is perfect.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. - Henry Ford

**Disclaimer: I usually try to keep things light and fluffy but I'm in a weird mood tonight soooo...this is a product of that.  I'm not trying to stir anything up, just sorting out my thoughts.**

 Friendships are funny things. Some come and go and some stay for long periods of time. If I had to choose one person to consider my greatest friend, it’d be Kelsey. Even though we rarely talk now, when we’re together after long periods of time everything seems to fall into place as if we’d never been apart. And as cheesy as it sounds, I’m pretty confident in saying that our friendship is unconditional. We don’t have to be getting wasted to enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t matter what kind of ridiculous stunts I pull or the fights we get into. At the end of the day, she is still one of the few people I can say knows pretty much everything about me and I know that if I told her something completely off the wall, she’d still be my friend.
Sorry if this post is about to get way too melodramatic. Lately, I’ve been trying to assess the friendships I’ve formed here at school. I know this is not the case for everyone, but I feel like the vast majority of the people I know here are only my friend when we are out at the bars. Our friendships are measured by: the things we do when we are drunk together, the fun stories we have to re-tell later when we are nursing our hangovers, and the stupid mistakes we made in the process. And that’s wonderful.  But other than in these moments of inebriated bonding, I rarely see my nighttime friends. We don’t grab lunch or catch a movie. They don’t know the intimate details of my life, my relationships, my struggles, or my triumphs. And I don’t know theirs.

It’s just, for some reason, since school started this semester I haven’t been in the mood to party or stay out late at the bars. I haven’t been in the mood to drive to campus on the days I don’t have class. I haven’t been in the mood to find out what everyone is up to on any given night. And it’s no secret that I don’t exactly hang around at the sorority house 24/7.  All of these things are my own fault, and I have noticed that certain relationships have started to deteriorate.  Not to say I don't want to go out sometimes.  I definitely do still enjoy darts at AJs, sketchy nights at Palace and I still need to get my Bull's card.

Maybe I ought to be more proactive about preserving the friendships. I can’t be passive. I never have been the greatest at keeping in touch with everyone.  But then again, nobody really tries to keep in touch with me...vicious cycle? Or am I in the wrong?  But why should I be the one doing all of the work? Why can’t people let me know when they’re on my side of town, or see if I’m interested in doing something other than binge drinking? Or maybe I should be the one making plans. I just feel like nobody would be interested.
A common malady amongst college girls is being “wifed-up.”   People constantly ask me how life as a housewife is treating me.  Sometimes it bothers me, but I’ve suffered from this more than once, and now that I am in a serious relationship again, I’m consistently deemed, “M.I.A.” when it comes to my activity in social events. And it’s true.  Even I refer to myself as "M.I.A.".  A lot of the time I’m perfectly content to be at home or spending the weekend with Mike.  Is this awful?

Friendships are two sided, are they not? Anyway, I guess the point is that since I’ve been at home without much going on as far as my social calendar is concerned, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of relationships are really important to me. Should I be changing myself to fit what is expected of a girl in the college atmosphere? Or should I be seeking relations with people who are like-minded?
If we can’t function as friends outside of an alcohol-induced connection, do I really need to consider you a major part of my life?

I guess it’s hard in this sorority/college environment. Or maybe I’m just going about everything all wrong seeing as nobody else seems to have this problem. Perhaps something is wrong with me? Oh well. I’m happy with where I am right now, and if only a few people will stick around for the whole ride, that’s fine. I don’t want to go out of my way for people who wouldn’t do the same. (If you want to join this Pity Party, RSVP ASAP!) Haha.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Yes, it was necessary to say that in ALLCAPS.  I'm obsessed.  I've had the thing for 2 days and it's already my new best friend.  My DayRunner was nothing compared to this.  It was well worth the $120 dollars my mom shelled out for it. (THANKS MOMMY I LOVE YOU!)  I should probably also thank Nikki because she's the one who first exposed me to the world of Filofax.  You guys should all visit her blog.  She's my sorority sister and has lots of awesome recipes and stuff on her site.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you what I've done with my Filofax so far BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL CARE.  I'm still waiting for a couple more accessories to come in the mail.  (My clear pocket and some more to-do lists.)

I got the Filofax classic in Pink.  It's the personal size so that it can fit in my purse. =) 
My mushy gushy front page so that I'm instantly happy whenever I open my Filofax up. =) 
My page of quotes so that I feel motivated and inspired.  Click to enlarge if you want to read them.
Week on 2 pages.  Not very full of stuff yet. Yet.
I personalized the tabs to work for me: Notes, To Do List, Calendar, Miscellaneous, and Emergency Info.

I'm still not done messing with it and making it MINE but I am absolutely in love and I don't care if you all think I'm weird. 


Buffalo wants me to cart her around the house with me constantly.  When I'm not holding her, she's walking around my ankles mewing pathetically.  If I put her on the bed and walk around my room, she'll stay on the bed but follow me as far as she can without falling off.  It's precious.  I love my little girl.  

Never Forget

Intellectually I know that America is no better than any other country; emotionally I know she is better than every other country.  ~Sinclair Lewis

When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea.  He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect.  ~Adlai Stevenson


Friday, September 10, 2010

Daily Buffalo and Little Pleasures

Today, I was driving down the back road to my house. (There's a narrow one lane road that runs behind the houses in the neighborhood to provide access to the garages.)  It's only wide enough for one car at a time.  Today when I was leaving, a BMW was coming towards me.  Usually, I'd pull off to the side and let the other car pass just because I'm polite that way.  But there was a Ford Explorer in a driveway directly on my right so I had nowhere to go.  That meant that the BMW had to drive on the grass to get around me.  

This gave me SO much pleasure.  

One of the things I hate about a lot of people who drive BMWs or Mercedes is their sense of entitlement.  What, just because you have a nice car and big paycheck you think you should ALWAYS get to drive on the road in these situations?  The lady driving was CLEARLY agitated that she had to go out of her way.  We even suffered through an awkward "pause and stare" thing before she acquiesced, despite the fact that I obviously had nowhere to go.

Anyway, this little encounter got me thinking about other small, and less evil, pleasures that make my day:
  1. Getting something new in the mail.  For instance, I FINALLY got my Filofax in the mail and I'm in love
  2. When a stranger smiles at me in passing
  3. Finding money in my pocket
  4. When class is cancelled
  5. Bras that fit just right
  6. When someone lets me have their last piece of gum
  7. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls
  8. Mom's chocolate chip cookies (which I will be making sometime this week!)
  9. Jeans that make me look thinner
  10. Finding a lost piece of jewelry
  11. Getting an 'A' on something I actually worked hard on
  12. Holding hands with Boyfriend
  13. That feeling when I finish a book
  14. Buying a new candle
  15. The soggy Nilla Wafers in banana pudding

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Daily Buffalo

The look on her face cracks me up.

And I made this little potpourri pillow tonight. =) 


Buffalo is making her first appearance in my project 365!

On Tuesday, my communist teacher said he wouldn't care if someone killed the president.  He didn't mean Obama specifically, he meant the President of the United States in general.  It's going to be a long semester.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

World, meet Buffalo

Mike and I got a kitty.  We named her Buffalois Lane.  Don't ask why.  The answer won't satisfy you.


27/365 and Men

Things I don't understand about men:

  1. Their fascination with boobs
  2. Their obsession with explosions/weapons
  3. Their ability to quote entire movie scripts at random
  4. Their never-ending appetites
  5. The way they either dress:
    a) with reckless abandon
    b) like they try but don't get it
    c) like a gay Leprechaun stylist lives in their closet and shops/picks out their clothes for them
  6. Why farting provides inexhaustible hilarity (the dutch oven, for example)
  7. Porn
  8. Princess Leia's slave costume
None of these are about Mike.  With the exception of #1, 3, 4, 6 and 8. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Sloppy photoshop. Meh.

I just hear, "tehehehe" when I look at this picture.  It wouldn't be the internet without showing some skin!! 

Off to class shortly to listen to my professor rant and rave about the travesty of marriage and how I'll be wasting my education if I ever settle down and make babies.  I have him for two classes in a row so that's 2.5 hours of the same diatribe every Tuesday and Thursday.  He came highly recommended so hopefully after week three I'll start seeing what makes him such an amazing teacher.  Right now I'm feeling like I signed up to listen to his liberal agenda with fiction workshopping and literature analysis thinly dispersed throughout the lecture.  Maybe my Grandpa was RIGHT????? Hahaha. 

Monday, September 06, 2010


Had a craving for taco salad. All of my usual Mexican joints were closed for the holiday and I DO NOT APPROVE OF THAT.

But I do approve of taco salad.  And I also enjoy the prospect of obesity.  HOORAY FAT!
nothing like a mid-afternoon nap to sleep off my TACO BELL!!! 

Moo, and Slushies

I hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend.  Take your time saying ADIOS to summer.  I spent my Labor Day making the tedious drive back to Tallahassee.  I left before the sun woke up, and somewhere around Milledgeville, GA I stopped to take this picture of the sunrise:

There are cows in the picture.  That's why the "Moo."

Anyway, on the ride home I couldn't help thinking about slushies.  Mike and I took Bella for a walk down by the Canal in Augusta.  It wasn't too hot, but on the way home I really wanted a slushy.  We stopped at a gas station to get one, and they had 5 different flavors to choose from: Green Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Grape, and that blue one that every gas station has, Wild Blue Cherry Raspberry Magic or something along those lines.

Historically, I'm not the best decision maker on the planet, so when I'm presented with that many options, my brain tends to implode a little bit and I get really nervous.  I kept asking Mike which flavor I should get, and like always he was ZERO PERCENT helpful.  I sampled the Orange and Green Apple flavors because they seemed to be the most unique, and then for some reason unknown to humanity, I settled on a mixture of Grape, Watermelon, and Orange.

Then the same thing that always happens to me happened.  My slushy turned brown.  I hate that.  It seems like no matter what I do, I always end up with brown.  It's probably because of my inability to just choose one flavor.  Mike barely took any time deciding and filled his cup with the Magical Blue slushy.  I NEVER GET THE BLUE ONE.  I always think about it and I'm like..."Nah, it looks really tasty but everyone gets the Magical Blue one and MY SLUSHY NEEDS TO BE DIFFERENT."  His was good though, I sampled it after we paid for them.

Anyway, I enjoyed my brown failure all the way home, at least when I wasn't battling brain freeze or waiting for the last 1/4 of the slushy to melt a little more so I could slurp it through the straw.

Friday, September 03, 2010


Doing that couple thing...

Broadcasting today from Mike's house! I'm up for the weekend to sit on the couch and accomplish nothing.
Life is good.  I brought my crazy eyes out just for y'all!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Feeling the headshots lately I guess...not feeling creative.

I was thinking about my addiction to procrastination.  It's a truly baffling disease to live with.  I don't get it, and I really want to get to the bottom of it...but not right now, maybe later.  It's a nasty cycle.  Point is, I got to thinking about other qualities of mine that I don't understand...

1. Why do I bite my nails? It's gross.

2. Why do I only ever crave unhealthy foods?  Seriously - can't I ever crave some celery or something?

3. Why do I have a hard time really connecting with new people? It's rare.  I have always been the girl that has one or two really close friends that are the center of my universe and then everyone else just sort of floats around the periphery.  I do think it's better that way, but I still would love to know why I'm apprehensive when it comes to breaking out of my shell.

4. Why do I hardly ever actually say what I'm thinking?

5. Why do I force myself to care about certain people?  Why can't I just not care?  Know what I mean?

6. Why don't I like to dance?

7. Why do I refuse to apply myself to my school work?  It's not like it's hard...I just don't want to do it.

8. Why do I lie about the things I lie about? Stupid, little, trivial things.

9. Why am I so fickle?

And now for something completely different...

This dress:

It was originally a 10 when my mom bought it for me about a year ago.  Currently I'm about a size 6, so before I wore it last night I had to take it in.  This is the first time I've ever attempted any major alterations on my clothes.  It came out really well and fit me perfectly in the waist and hips, but because of my lack of expertise, I couldn't quite figure out how to fix the bust.  Thus, the dress was too big up top because my ladies can't really fill it out.  I was tugging and pulling it up all night which was annoying, but I'm still glad I got to wear it. JUST SAYIN'.

Hump Day

I just want to say BONJOUR to my three new followers. =) And HAPPY SEPTEMBER Y'ALL!

So today I was driving to Wal-Mart and saw this delightful license plate:

Yea, it says, "ME IN U"

At first I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I was like, "aw, 'me and you', what a romantic redneck."  But then I realized this wasn't some failed attempt at a romantic vanity plate.  I mean, had he really been trying to portray some sort of tender emotion, he would have chosen, "ME N U," a much better abbreviation of "and."  This was on the same level as, "GIT R DUN," or "I LV TTS." 

Then later I went to Publix to get sandwich fixins.  The power went out while my server, never-bothered-to-learn-English-because-you-suckers-will-pay-me-anyways-Rosa, was in the process of  BUTCHERING my beloved cheddar. 

This afternoon was not high on my list of awesome afternoons.  But I also bought myself this amazing treat: 

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