Saturday, September 11, 2010


Yes, it was necessary to say that in ALLCAPS.  I'm obsessed.  I've had the thing for 2 days and it's already my new best friend.  My DayRunner was nothing compared to this.  It was well worth the $120 dollars my mom shelled out for it. (THANKS MOMMY I LOVE YOU!)  I should probably also thank Nikki because she's the one who first exposed me to the world of Filofax.  You guys should all visit her blog.  She's my sorority sister and has lots of awesome recipes and stuff on her site.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you what I've done with my Filofax so far BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL CARE.  I'm still waiting for a couple more accessories to come in the mail.  (My clear pocket and some more to-do lists.)

I got the Filofax classic in Pink.  It's the personal size so that it can fit in my purse. =) 
My mushy gushy front page so that I'm instantly happy whenever I open my Filofax up. =) 
My page of quotes so that I feel motivated and inspired.  Click to enlarge if you want to read them.
Week on 2 pages.  Not very full of stuff yet. Yet.
I personalized the tabs to work for me: Notes, To Do List, Calendar, Miscellaneous, and Emergency Info.

I'm still not done messing with it and making it MINE but I am absolutely in love and I don't care if you all think I'm weird. 


  1. I don't think you are weird. I think I want one! Why is it so much better than a DayRunner? I have never heard of a FILOFAX ;-) but I think you sold me. I love your customization.

  2. I can't really say that they are so much better than a Day Runner in general, but for me, compared to the planner I used to have, the Filofax is a definite upgrade. The size it perfect, I love the accessories it came with plus the accessories available online that I bought and...just everything else about it. Haha. I should make a commercial for them.

  3. aw i love the front two pages!! i might copy you and do the same thing... i actually have the same style and color, just in the bigger size! im so happy you've joined the filofax world. you will never go back.

    and thanks for linking my blog :)

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I am returning the favor and a follow!!

  5. I LOVE your enthusiasm for Filos ... I am a long time Filo junkie, and just got my dream Filo after a long, long search.

    Have you found the Philofaxy group on Facebook and Flickr? If not, you need to!!

    Congrats on your new best friend! :-)

  6. I have found the groups! I'm currently eyeballing a new one that I want. I need to start saving!

  7. I love my Filofax, too. My wife used to make fun of me for liking so much until she decided she wanted one, too -- I got her a pink A5 Classic and she loves it beyond reason now. I wrote about how I use my Filofax to plan my work as a writer:
    There's also a link in my blog to Gala Darling's great entry about how she uses her Filofax and how she customized it. My wife used hers as a guide.


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