Monday, September 06, 2010

Moo, and Slushies

I hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend.  Take your time saying ADIOS to summer.  I spent my Labor Day making the tedious drive back to Tallahassee.  I left before the sun woke up, and somewhere around Milledgeville, GA I stopped to take this picture of the sunrise:

There are cows in the picture.  That's why the "Moo."

Anyway, on the ride home I couldn't help thinking about slushies.  Mike and I took Bella for a walk down by the Canal in Augusta.  It wasn't too hot, but on the way home I really wanted a slushy.  We stopped at a gas station to get one, and they had 5 different flavors to choose from: Green Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Grape, and that blue one that every gas station has, Wild Blue Cherry Raspberry Magic or something along those lines.

Historically, I'm not the best decision maker on the planet, so when I'm presented with that many options, my brain tends to implode a little bit and I get really nervous.  I kept asking Mike which flavor I should get, and like always he was ZERO PERCENT helpful.  I sampled the Orange and Green Apple flavors because they seemed to be the most unique, and then for some reason unknown to humanity, I settled on a mixture of Grape, Watermelon, and Orange.

Then the same thing that always happens to me happened.  My slushy turned brown.  I hate that.  It seems like no matter what I do, I always end up with brown.  It's probably because of my inability to just choose one flavor.  Mike barely took any time deciding and filled his cup with the Magical Blue slushy.  I NEVER GET THE BLUE ONE.  I always think about it and I'm like..."Nah, it looks really tasty but everyone gets the Magical Blue one and MY SLUSHY NEEDS TO BE DIFFERENT."  His was good though, I sampled it after we paid for them.

Anyway, I enjoyed my brown failure all the way home, at least when I wasn't battling brain freeze or waiting for the last 1/4 of the slushy to melt a little more so I could slurp it through the straw.

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