Wednesday, December 08, 2010


So, I'm moving to Asheville.  I use the term "moving" loosely, it's really more like temporarily relocating since this is only a 4 month deal.

Temporarily relocating is a hassle.  Mainly the finding a place to live part.  This is what I'm looking for:
1bed/1bath apartment in or near downtown, (preferably north or west), fully furnished with a mountain view to die for.  I don't think this is asking too much, especially considering I'm an unemployed college student with no money of my own.  But when you add a budget of $650 per month to these parameters, the only thing a search turns up is a basement studio with no windows, no internet or cable, and three roommates who enjoy composting, playing new-age instruments, and twirling their dreadlocks between their fingers.

This is one of the places I found for considerably under budget:


This is my favorite part:  People with allergies shouldn't even bother. Due to the age of the house, lack of insulation, and the fact that there is a spring under the house, we have a thriving indoor ecosystem complete with slugs, spiders, mold, and other weird things that aren't good for the faint of heart. There aren't any roaches though, and kitty takes care of mice and rats inside.
The alarming part about this is that I'm sure certain people consider a living environment like that to be appealing.  I don't think I'm being picky.

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  1. OMG! How can you pass up such a deal!! Easily I think. The search continues


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