Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Business as Usual

They plowed, salted, and shoveled and today, after 9 inches of snow yesterday, Asheville was open, and except for the piles of snow and slush, it was like there wasn't a major winter storm less than 24 hours ago.
Everything is still snow covered, and I had to dig my car out this morning but luckily it wasn't frozen shut.  I left extra early so that I'd make it on time in case I had to drive really slow, but the roads were practically dry, no worse than after a little bit of rain.  I was super early for work so I went to Sister's and got a nice cup of hot cocoa which I then burned my tongue on.
It's supposed to stay below freezing for a couple days so most of the snow will probably stick around which is fine by me, I think it's pretty.

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