Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Every now and then I have a really hard time making decisions.  Actually, it's more of a constant struggle than a periodic occurrence.  My latest dilemma is deciding whether to take a trip to the Bahamas or Wyoming.

The decision is hard for a few reasons...

1. The Bahamas and Jackson Hole, Wyoming are very different places
2. I'm not entirely sure what kind of vacation I'm in the mood for
3. Photo-ops

The trip is the first week of May and the weather in Wyoming is still pretty chilly, at least according to Weather.com and I rely on their forecasts the same way a crack head relies on her dealer.  The Bahamas is a lot cheaper to visit because we can get a pretty stellar military discount and pay for 7 days what the average schmuck pays for 1 night.

Buttt I just keep imagining the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, and when I think about all the beautiful photo opportunities in Wyoming I feel a little bitter towards the Bahamas.  Then I remember the swim-up bar, white sandy beaches and lazy hammocks waiting in Freeport.  Not to mention the hardcore tanning I'd be able to accomplish.  Suddenly I picture my current body in a bikini and immediately decide Wyoming, wearing jeans and a puffy jacket, is where I need to permanently relocate in order to avoid any and all embarrassing bathing suit experiences.

But, I think I've decided on the Bahamas.  There will be other chances to visit Wyoming, and a relaxing, fruity-drink-sipping, laying around with my boyfriend type of vacation seems like the best option for a graduation present.  


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