Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Day Ever

So, ever since my forgotten battery episode last weekend, I've been itching to do a photoshoot with hottie pants and today we finally did it. We moved Mike's extra mattress out into the yard, set up a make shift sheet tent, and then took some pictchaaas. Boyfriend is soooo patient. =)

After we took some pictures, we got samwiches and fruit and had a picnic in our little fort.  Then we just laid around all afternoon making fun of each other.  It was awesome. 
Then we moved the fort inside, made dinner, and now we're watching the original Friday the 13th.  Happy Saturday. =)


  1. how do you manage to always take such good pictures of yourself all the time? you must be real handy with a tripod :)

  2. Tripod and shutter remote control! Plus I don't care about looking silly in public. Haha =)

  3. I have definitely used a tripod in public to take pictures of Jared and I on vacation many shame :)

  4. KB @ Hello Darlin'Thursday, June 30, 2011

    OH MY GOSH! these are amazing!!!! I love so so so much! I have a quick question: i read where you said he lied to you about "picking up a prisoner??" So, is he a cop?? I was just curious, because my husband is a deputy in our town! :) :)


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