Saturday, February 05, 2011

Impromptu trips to Virginia

are always fun.

Mike and I drove up this morning and are leaving tomorrow.  I need to start taking more pictures.  I've been seriously slacking on the creativity front.  I'm feeling moderately inspired to write a "Why driving on the interstate sucks version II," especially considering the road rage Mike and I contended with on our 7 hour drive to my mom's from Aiken.
Anyway, less than 3 months until I'm officially a college graduate.  It's filling me to the brim with anxiety, but it's also oddly liberating.  I feel like there's a whole new life just waiting for me.  I'm excited to see Wyoming in May, and to finally be able to spend time with Mike other than just weekends we have free to make the drive to see each other.

The internship is great and I'm still excited to go to work every morning, once I get over the fact that I'd rather lay in bed all day than get up and be productive. =)

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