Monday, February 07, 2011

Living with roommates

It's almost 10, I've stalked Facebook to the point of exhaustion, I'm tired from a weekend in the car, including a 3 hour drive back to Asheville this AM, and I really ought to be in naturally I'm writing a blog.

I've lived with roommates my whole life, it's just until I was 18, those roommates happened to be my parents.  They were kind of the best roommates a girl could ask for.  Bought me everything I wanted, fed me, clothed me, tolerated my rotten teenage attitude, treated me like a duchess (not quite a princess, but almost).  My mom even cleaned up after me.

Naturally when I moved to FSU and into Degraff, I didn't expect all of that from my randomly assigned roommate.  She and I had a pretty cordial living situation.  I was hardly ever home because living at the frat house with my then-boyfriend was tons cooler than sleeping in my under-heated, slut infested dormitory.  I still managed to keep my side of the room in a constant state of disarray, which I'm sure M appreciated.  You'd be surprised the amount of worthless crap that you can cram into a 5ft X 5ft space.

My beloved dorm <3

Then came my delightful little bungalow in Southwood.  Having a master bedroom really is like hitting the lottery after a year of ultimately living like a nomad.   It was during this time that I also acquired Bella and leapt into the world of singledom for the first time in a long time.  Good times during Fall '08. Lolz.

 Anyway, the point of this story is ( I'm cutting to the chase and skipping the middle), THE WALLS HERE AT 12 WEST ARE VERY THIN.

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