Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Making small talk with my hair dresser. I'm socially awkward to begin with so I hate when my hairdresser is all gung-ho about being besties at the beginning of the appointment. Then she realizes that I really don't want to engage in an intense conversation while she's got scissors that close to my brain so we endure awkward silence until she's finished. Meh.
- The amount of no-bake cookies I've eaten in the last two days.
- Running in the rain. It's the worst.
- This intense craving for pancakes that I've had for roughly a month.

- I'm going to Tallahassee this weekend to be reunited with my soror sistas!
- I graduate in 29 days. Uhhh...WHAT?
- I can officially run a mile in less than 10 minutes if I really want to, which is amazing considering a month ago I couldn't run 1/4 mile without stopping and begging for death.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh just another self portrait


It's rainy. Still. It's really gloomy and I NEED to go running this afternoon but I don't want to get wet. WAAAH. =(

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I got a hair cut.

Things my mom says

My mom is in NOLA on a business trip, but yesterday she might've indulged in a little more pleasure than business.  Here are some of the texts she sent me:

"Mam goin crazy in NO. 2 Glasses of wine already. Lol."
to which I responded, "Lol who are you with?"

"A bunch of guys I just picked up. Lol."
to which I responded, "Ooooh are they cute?"

"Eh. They will get cuter the more I drink."
(She was actually with some friends from work.)

Then she sent me this picture:

I blacked out their faces because I'm not sure what the protocol is when blogging about your mother who is possibly intoxicated. My mom's on the far right.

Then she sent me this one:

"I ordered one and found out it was three for one. Lol"

And then, "Officially toasty right now. Lol. Well a little anyway."

I don't blame her for having some fun. She works really hard and only drinks on special occasions. 

This was one of the last ones she sent, "Party hard. Bac in hotel room. Lol"

I love my mom.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Million Dollar Question

I used to think that there was never any point in a man's life when it was acceptable for him to be caught dead walking a tea cup Yorkie named Duchess.

That was until I realized a few days ago that I'd named my dog Bella.

This internal debate began last week when I was running. For a brief second I wasn't totally preoccupied with trying to prevent my lungs from collapsing and I noticed an adorable little dog walking towards me. It had a pink leash, rhinestone embellished collar, and that trademark Yorkie prance. Then I noticed that it's walker (and presumed owner) was a large, muscle bound black man with biceps the size of Christmas hams and a gut that puts Santa to shame. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A MAN LIKE THAT DOING WITH A DOG THAT COULD FIT INTO A PIGGY BANK?

 As I got closer, the dog (which I probably could have punted a few hundred feet had I wanted to) started barking at me. When I say bark, I really mean glorified squeal. I'm not even sure a body that small can fit real vocal cords. But anyway, this man yelled, "Duchess, NO!" I almost stopped dead in my tracks.  Duchess? Your dogs name is Duchess? But you're not speaking with an exaggerated lisp or boasting any other stereotypically gay features. Bewilderment. Utter bewilderment. If ever there was proof that dogs DO NOT look like their owners, this was it. I was appalled.  A man like that needs a dog with some substance...a dog that could be named Diesel or Tank without any sort of irony.

But then I thought about it. Bella. What about when Mike walks Bella? Sure, she's not pint sized or overtly female, but she has a pink collar and harness. Maybe I should make her a sign that says, "I actually belong to a girl" for her to wear when he walks her.

What if Duchess was not actually this man's dog, but his girlfriend's/wife's/baby mama's?

I can only hope.

Monday Glumday

Dear Spring,
Thanks for showing up in Asheville for a fleeting moment and then disappearing, only to leave us with a forecast of YAWN for the next week or so. Rainy with a high of 55? PASS.
Why did I leave Florida?


Steeplechase in Aiken was this weekend. Here is the proof:

Enjoying the .5 seconds of sunshine we got on Saturday. 
 Me and my handsome sidekick. He was on call all day, THANKS A LOT AIKEN COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT, so there was no alcohol in his forecast.

It was a fun day, minus the torrential downpour that totally ruined my hair.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Shaving my legs. My shower in Asheville is seriously the size of a shoe box and shaving my legs is not only difficult, it's an acrobatic feat. When I'm done, I usually feel pretty accomplished. But every once in a while when I'm putting on lotion afterwards, I realize that I missed an ENTIRE strip of hairiness from my ankle to my thigh. UGH. That's the WORST.


- This weekend is STEEPLECHASE in Aiken, so I probably won't be on top of the blogging until Monday rolls around. TALK TO YA NEVER!

And hopefully I'll have the blog layout somewhat back to normal on Monday, too.  Sorry for the ugliness and lack of format. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sorry if you visit and my blog looks seriously wonky. I'm in the process of a redesign and I'm too lazy to make a test blog. WOOO.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So Mike's friend Andy got into Aiken tonight. Mike, Andy, and a few of their man friends got together and went and did boy things downtown. Drinking was involved. I was expecting them to be be out wreaking havoc til the wee hours of the morning, but then this text conversation happened between me and Mike:

(10:58 pm) Me: What are you boys up to now?

(10:59 pm) Mike: Fixin' to leave. I'm ready to go home.

(10:59 pm) Me: Already?

(11:01) Mike: Yes baby...we're all almost 30.

Haha. I guess my expectation are just too high. Sometimes I forget that I'm dating an old man. ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm absolutely DROOLING over these bathing suits from VS. And I wouldn't be upset if I looked like one of these girls, either. BRB, have to go stare at the mirror with disdain.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sooo...this is the first weekend I've spent without Mike since January and it blows. That's all I have to say.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Going to interview a store owner at her ridiculously cute boutique and forgetting that I'm there to do a job, NOT to shop.
- Talking to my hair in the mirror and trying to coax it into curling nicely FOR ONCE.
- The fact that the shirt I'm wearing today is one of only TWO things containing green in my Asheville closet. Wasn't planning for this when I moved from Tallahassee apparently.
- Taking PhotoBooth pictures at the office. What color is my hair?!?!?!?!?!!?! lol

- Today is me and Boyfriend's 10 monthiversary.
- Dannon Light & Fit yogurt. Seriously. YUM.
- The Veronica Mars nightly marathons I've been having since Sunday. LOVE that show, and LOVE that all 3 seasons are on Netflix.
- I ran 2.6 miles yesterday in 30 minutes, compared to 2.5 miles in 30 minutes last week. Woop woop. Here I come, Boston Marathon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So today I went out to Bryson City with the photography intern and we took some pictures at a store called Humanite. I also got to interview the store owner. It was a long & fun day. Look for it in the May issue of the magazine. =) Here are some pictures I took of the store, and BTW, I want to own literally EVERYTHING in there. Oh the woes of the penniless.

BTW, check out Erin's (the store's owner) blog.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Life With Bella

So, Mike and I celebrated our fanniversary in style, and even though he forgot to bring Stardust (accidentally on pupose, I presume) we didn't have a DVD player in the room anyway. I didn't take a single picture, sorry mom. We ate more cheese than I'd care to admit and I've once again been reminded why Mike is perfect for me.

I'm also completely devoid of any thoughts that are remotely interesting, so here's a new video of my blanket monster.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daily Buffalo

 Please excuse my annoying chuckles in the background.

Friday, March 11, 2011

1 Year anniversary...kind of.

My mom will probably find this post more interesting than anyone else. She's always asking me about this. One year ago today Mike and I started emailing each other. It's weird to think that something as simple as this:

My names Mike. I like a lot of what you have to say in your profile. How long have you been at FSU and what's your major?"

basically started our relationship.

This is the weekend he asked me to be his lady. I don't like this picture but it's the only one we took together that weekend...

This was at Mike's friends' wedding after we'd been dating for a WHOLE WEEK. Let's not discuss my roots.

And we went to Italy together in December.

Like I said in an earlier post,  he wasn't even going to email me.

I replied: 

"Hey -
I'm Anna. I'm just finishing up my third year at FSU.  I'm a creative writing major.  I've never been good at match or science and I love writing so I figured I'd pursue it and see where it takes me. haha. What do you do in SC?"

Yes. I said "match" instead of "math." I still cringe about this. I also wish I hadn't included that "haha," but oh well.

Mike and I met in person on April 16, and became a couple May 17 so this spring holds a lot of milestones for us. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown.

He's coming in town tonight and I fully intend on celebrating our fanniversary with wine, sharp cheddar cheese, and Stardust.  If you haven't seen Stardust, you need to. Seriously. Robert DeNiro is a homosexual lightening harvester. It's hilare. And we've watched it together about 2346262 times and I'm planning (unbeknown to Mike) to make it a tradition. WEEEEE. I rented a classy hotel room for two nights so DON'T EXPECT TO HEAR FROM ME.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's time again!

- Running my laps down at the riverside and passing the SAME couple four times. She was pregnant and I could feel her eyes BURNING my back everytime I wheezed by. Like...sorry you gained enough baby weight to distribute amongst an entire starving African town. I was just waiting for her to stick her leg out and trip me because if I was fat and pregnant I know I'd be bitter about not having ankles anymore, too. (No offense. I totally want to have babies one day.)
- Doing lunges in the parking lot and realizing that the car I'd been strutting back and forth in front of was not, in fact, MY Wanda the Honda CR-V, but another light blue CR-V that just so happened to be occupied by a rather appalled looking elderly couple.
- Eating taco salad in bed. Seriously. I do not advise.
- My new package of gum says, "Now Flavor Charged!" ... what was it before? Flavor Devoid?
- This outfit that I wore to run in the rain yesterday:

The photo doesn't really do any justice for my black leggings and navy blue/white striped leg warmers.
- Mike's coming to visit this weekend.
- The fact that I haven't actually been shopping since 2010. Awkward: The fact that I'm still ALWAYS broke.
- Every day graduation gets closer. I can SMELL my diploma.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Daily Buffalo

 I wuv her wittle nose

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Wooooo everyone look awkward!

And I took these pics with the macro lens Mike got me for Christmas.

A favorite ring

My jewelry holder from Spacca Napoli that my dad got me.

On a side note, I made a new Facebook last week and I'm already falling back into old habits. I only have 20 some friends but I'm going to have to start rationing my activity otherwise it will be back to the land of deactivation.

Monday, March 07, 2011


I ran/walked/jogged/battled with the devil for 2.5 miles today. It only took me 30 minutes (you can take your 8 minute mile and SHOVE IT) and and then when I got home I rewarded myself with a chocolate slim fast which ought to be synonymous with MUD FLAVORED MUD.

Ok, it's really not that bad. It's pretty good for a meal replacement shake. I'm just bitter cause I'd rather be eating pizza and basking in my fatness. (BTW, Mike and I ate at the Pizza Joint in downtown Aiken over the weekend and their mozarella sticks are OFF THE CHAIN. Seriously.)

I did have some pretty delicious pasta for lunch though, because the Slim Fast Gods let me have 1 REAL meal a day. My yogurt expired over the weekend and I really have an issue with day old dairy. This must be remedied at once.

P.S. How is it MARCH already?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So Sydney over at The Daybook does this weekly awkward & awesome post and since I basically want to be her, I'm going to do it too.

- Being 21 and starting the SlimFast diet. What happened to being young and having a fast metabolism? Oh that's right, I got the sucky side of the gene pool.
- Trying to jog 2 miles and being passed by moms with strollers and old women who are CLEARLY in way better shape than I am. At least when Bella lived with me I had an excuse to suck at running. Now I'm on my own. It blows.
- Wearing pants that show my butt crack when I bend over. Jeans never fit me right. WAAAH.

- Less than two months until I'm a college graduate, thrust out into the "real" world without an INKLING of what I want to do with my completely useless degree. 
- Assisting with photo shoots for the magazine. Seriously. Awesome. It's nothing like what I always imagined it to be, but still super cool and I feel so fancy when I get to help like I did today.
-I get to see my smokin' hot boyfriend tomorrow. And I'm taking my Slim Fasts down to his house because I really need to get skinny before I have to fit into my Lily Pulitzer dress for Steeplechase. Nobody likes a fatty in a floral print. JKJKJKJKJK.
Sidebar: I think it's cool to see before/after Photoshop pictures, so for anyone who might be curious about my banner, I used this picture that I took of myself during the summer of 2009 and used Photoshop CS5 to turn it into what you see up there ^. =)


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Life with Bella

Bella with a new toy.
Buffalo being creepy.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Love/Hate relationship with my job

Unrelated: It makes me so happy that Mike and I say "I love you" like 135124613 times a day. It's one of those things I never get tired of hearing, even if I already know it.

Plus he's super hot.

 My job is pretty awesome...minus the whole not getting paid thing. But other than that, my job rocks. I work from 9:30 - 1:30 and then spend the afternoon doing whatever the sam hill I want to do, which usually means watching Netflix or finding new places to take pictures of myself.

This picture is irrelevant but it makes me lol.

I'm only at work for 4 hours a day, but that's plenty of time to get annoyed. There are three things that happen to me pretty often that make we want to punch a midget in the gut and not feel guilty about it.

1. When I've been email corresponding with someone for a few days and consistently received replies, then all of a sudden I ask a time sensitive question and it's like they fell off the face of the internet. COOL, so you have time to wittily banter with me about useless stuff, but when it comes to setting aside the lame brain small talk, you're suddenly the BUSIEST person this side of the San Andreas? MEH.

2. Talking to the elderly over the phone BLOWS. If there is anything I avoid more diligently than the bubonic plague, it's talking to old folks over the phone. First of all, I'm lucky if they even hear it ringing, and if they do, chances are they won't be able to hear me talking.

Golden Oldies call into the office all the time, usually confused about their magazine subscription. You'd be surprised how unruly people get if their magazine comes a few days late. They'll complain about missing something on the calendar of events. Ok, because YOU were going to haul your wrinkly butt to the Mountain Sports Expo? At some point, certain activities become irrelevant based on your age. There is no reason a 90 year old man needs to get testy with me because he missed a 127 mile bike race.

Then they accuse me of mumbling, when in reality I'm talking louder than the rattling speakers in the trunk of a hood-rat's Crown Victoria. Just because you're old doesn't mean you're exempt from the regular rules of societal interaction. Take off your grumpy pants and be nice to me! I'm just an intern!

 3. When people think I'm a telemarketer. Because I try really hard to have good phone etiquette, I usually start my calls with, "Hi, my name is Anna Rice. I'm calling from *** Magazine. I was hoping I could speak with someone about BLAH BLAH BLAH."

What some people hear (usually the elderly people mentioned in #2) is "Hi, my name is Younger Than You and I'm calling from Death Star Incoorporated and I WANT YOU TO BUY SOMETHING THAT I'M SELLING," so they cut me off, say "NOT BUYING" and then hang up.

The other day I needed to get in touch with someone about mailing them a free copy of the magazine because we featured their product. I called, did my little intro, and then deducted from the DEAD SILENCE on the other end of the line that I'd been hung up on. =(

Sad Face.

I called back and after a few rings, it went to voicemail. DARN YOU, CALLER ID! I kept trying, because I'm stubborn and refuse to be associated with telemarketing, but the next few times I called, the woman picked up after one ring and just hung up on me, flat out. This continued a few times before I succumbed to defeat.

I finally just had to send the company an email, and it took all of my will power not to write something nasty about this hanger upper lady.
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