Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's time again!

- Running my laps down at the riverside and passing the SAME couple four times. She was pregnant and I could feel her eyes BURNING my back everytime I wheezed by. Like...sorry you gained enough baby weight to distribute amongst an entire starving African town. I was just waiting for her to stick her leg out and trip me because if I was fat and pregnant I know I'd be bitter about not having ankles anymore, too. (No offense. I totally want to have babies one day.)
- Doing lunges in the parking lot and realizing that the car I'd been strutting back and forth in front of was not, in fact, MY Wanda the Honda CR-V, but another light blue CR-V that just so happened to be occupied by a rather appalled looking elderly couple.
- Eating taco salad in bed. Seriously. I do not advise.
- My new package of gum says, "Now Flavor Charged!" ... what was it before? Flavor Devoid?
- This outfit that I wore to run in the rain yesterday:

The photo doesn't really do any justice for my black leggings and navy blue/white striped leg warmers.
- Mike's coming to visit this weekend.
- The fact that I haven't actually been shopping since 2010. Awkward: The fact that I'm still ALWAYS broke.
- Every day graduation gets closer. I can SMELL my diploma.


  1. You are hilarious!!!!

    Looks like you've got the workouts under control & congrats on the 5 pound lossage! (it's a word)
    What do you do? Obviously running & lunges...

    I did lunges yesterday and my butt is so sore. haha

    Have a great day! xo

  2. Ok, you should totally change the running-outfit from awkward into awesome:-) It's adorable! xoxo

  3. hahah love the fact that you were lunging to the wrong car..that is awkward! i lovee your blog! i am following x

  4. Haha - taco salad is amazing. I would definitely eat it in bed.. despite awkwardness. Agree the running outfit is definitely awesome!

  5. haha I'm sure the elderly couple thought you were crazy...I do ridiculous stuff on accident all the time. Talking to myself in public has proven to get some stares. I advise against it.

  6. I don't think it's ever a good idea to eat food in bed... I always end up rolling around in crumbs!

  7. Your outfit is SUPER cute! Annnnnnd yes. Being broke is always awkward. I agree. Which is why I pretty much only shop at the thrift store. :)


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