Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Going to interview a store owner at her ridiculously cute boutique and forgetting that I'm there to do a job, NOT to shop.
- Talking to my hair in the mirror and trying to coax it into curling nicely FOR ONCE.
- The fact that the shirt I'm wearing today is one of only TWO things containing green in my Asheville closet. Wasn't planning for this when I moved from Tallahassee apparently.
- Taking PhotoBooth pictures at the office. What color is my hair?!?!?!?!?!!?! lol

- Today is me and Boyfriend's 10 monthiversary.
- Dannon Light & Fit yogurt. Seriously. YUM.
- The Veronica Mars nightly marathons I've been having since Sunday. LOVE that show, and LOVE that all 3 seasons are on Netflix.
- I ran 2.6 miles yesterday in 30 minutes, compared to 2.5 miles in 30 minutes last week. Woop woop. Here I come, Boston Marathon!


  1. You are so beautiful! I like your hair colour & congrats on your 10 month! That is a huge stepping stone! Yay! xo

  2. I take pictures at my office entirely too much...but I do a feature on my blog called wear it to work. SO i guess its acceptable?

  3. I just spent a ridiculously long time reading your blog posts instead of studying for the test I have at 3:35. You are such an amazing photographer. I hope that everything is going well! LIOB<3 Jen Smith

  4. I talk to my hair on a daily basis, it's very disobedient:-) Thanks to the hair gods above for a flat iron and moroccan oil!

    P.S. Congrats on 10 months with the boy! Very exciting! xoxo

  5. Happy anniversary! :) My hair never curls nicely either!

  6. happy ten months!! Boston marthon !! how long is it ?
    i really want to do the sydney one coming up! xx

  7. your hair looks PURDY! Ombre hair color is in right now!!


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