Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Shaving my legs. My shower in Asheville is seriously the size of a shoe box and shaving my legs is not only difficult, it's an acrobatic feat. When I'm done, I usually feel pretty accomplished. But every once in a while when I'm putting on lotion afterwards, I realize that I missed an ENTIRE strip of hairiness from my ankle to my thigh. UGH. That's the WORST.


- This weekend is STEEPLECHASE in Aiken, so I probably won't be on top of the blogging until Monday rolls around. TALK TO YA NEVER!

And hopefully I'll have the blog layout somewhat back to normal on Monday, too.  Sorry for the ugliness and lack of format. 

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  1. Like that hasn't happened to all of us! Hope you enjoyed the AWESOME


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