Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Glumday

Dear Spring,
Thanks for showing up in Asheville for a fleeting moment and then disappearing, only to leave us with a forecast of YAWN for the next week or so. Rainy with a high of 55? PASS.
Why did I leave Florida?


Steeplechase in Aiken was this weekend. Here is the proof:

Enjoying the .5 seconds of sunshine we got on Saturday. 
 Me and my handsome sidekick. He was on call all day, THANKS A LOT AIKEN COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT, so there was no alcohol in his forecast.

It was a fun day, minus the torrential downpour that totally ruined my hair.


  1. You look super cute! Even with the cardi.
    I think we are ALL so ready for spring to show its sweet face!!!

  2. Super cute, girly outfit!!! xo

  3. Great blog!!

    I'd love if you'd check mine out --


    And, if you'd like, here is also the link to my mother/daughter style blog! Hope you enjoy!


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