Monday, March 07, 2011


I ran/walked/jogged/battled with the devil for 2.5 miles today. It only took me 30 minutes (you can take your 8 minute mile and SHOVE IT) and and then when I got home I rewarded myself with a chocolate slim fast which ought to be synonymous with MUD FLAVORED MUD.

Ok, it's really not that bad. It's pretty good for a meal replacement shake. I'm just bitter cause I'd rather be eating pizza and basking in my fatness. (BTW, Mike and I ate at the Pizza Joint in downtown Aiken over the weekend and their mozarella sticks are OFF THE CHAIN. Seriously.)

I did have some pretty delicious pasta for lunch though, because the Slim Fast Gods let me have 1 REAL meal a day. My yogurt expired over the weekend and I really have an issue with day old dairy. This must be remedied at once.

P.S. How is it MARCH already?

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  1. "I'd rather be eating pizza and basking in my fatness" - hahahah... wouldn't we all. You're hilarious, glad I found your blog. P.S. - Weight watchers was the only thing that ever worked for me! You can eat pizza! (And have red wine, which is my weakness)


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