Tuesday, April 19, 2011


While we spent a lot of Saturday going through Mike's stuff, hauling things to the dump, and arguing about what to eat, Mike and I did get to spend a little time appreciating the gorgeous weather. I love when it's hot in the spring time, but the humidity hasn't set in quite yet. The fur babies spent some time soaking up the warmth, too.

Bella loves when we leave the front door open so she can roam around in the front yard for a change. She doesn't leave the yard. She just finds a nice sunny spot in the grass to lay and soak up some vitamin D.

Buffalo got locked up in Mike's bedroom so that she wouldn't get out of the house while we were loading his truck (she's an indoor kitty). She wasn't happy at first because she wants to be around us 24/7, but once she discovered the window was open, she was happy.

I love this picture of Bella's muzzle. She's such a goof ball.



  1. Ohh my lord I love your puppy! He is soo cute! I want to hug him!

  2. ahhhh omg your puppy is just so adorable! so so cute x

  3. Super jealous that you have nice warm spring weather! Can you send some of it up north :)

    And OMG Ok I say OMG because I cannot tell you how many times I have watched that video of Buffalo and Bella on YT. Its seriously the video that made me decide to get a cat and a dog when Im older!

    (ps Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!)

  4. Girl you need to move south!!

    Ah! Yay so glad you like the video. They play like that 24/7.

  5. Aww...what a bunch of cuties.

  6. That is SO cute!
    And I think moving south wouldn't be a bad idea!


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