Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why I'll never have a real job

Hope my editor isn't reading this...

I will NEVER be able to have an office job. My attention span and inability to sit still for extended periods of time render me USELESS in an office environment. For example, today (when I should have been finishing an article I'm writing) I took pictures of myself with Photobooth (which also happens to be an excellent argument for why offices should NOT have Mac computers for their employees, especially ones bitten by the procrastination bug).

Mike LOVES when I make this


  1. I think all office people should do it to reduce stress lol..

  2. haha!
    I totally know what you mean!
    if it weren't for my iPhone, I think I might go crazy at work!


  3. You and I are the same. I should be working on departmental travel paperwork, instead I am reading your blog. Thanks for assisting in my procrastination efforts. ;)

  4. haha if it werent for blogs i would go crazy at work :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. haha its okay i take pictures on PhotoBooth everyday at work...procrastination is my middle name

  6. You and me both! Either I need lots and lots of little breaks when I'm working on something, or I'll steamroll through a project without stopping...both kinda work and kinda don't work for very long:-) xoxo

  7. OK, note to self, don;t get a job. Thanks!!


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