Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bye bye, BFF

Kelsey's visit to Aiken is over and it was far too short. Yesterday we spent several hours drifting down the Savannah in our inflatable reclining rafts with Mike. We even saw a gator swimming less than 100 yds away from us. I was officially a lobster when we got home. It's seriously one of the most painful sunburns I've ever had. The it hurts to bend my knees, can't stand the thought of anything touching my skin, WHY IS THE AIR SO WARM and WHY ARE MY SHEETS MADE OF SANDPAPER type of sun burn.

Ok, I might be waxing dramatic. It's really only my legs, which is weird. I've never had a leg sun burn before. Mike's is worse. I have naturally darker skin so burning is a rarity and virtually a nonissue. His entire torso, legs, and arms are all toasted. It literally hurt him to lay in bed last night. I lathered him up in Aloe gel when we got home and again before we went to sleep, but he was still in a lot of pain. GOOGLE to the rescue. I looked up sun burn remedies and one of the more popular and less ODD sounding solution was to spray the body down with apple cider vinegar. And what do you know, we had some! I stuck him in the shower and spritzed him with vinegar. It seemed to help, so I sprayed my legs, too. It definitely made the burning subside and made falling asleep much easier.

I feel TERRIBLE because his burn is all my fault. He asked me if I had sunscreen when we left the house, and I did! But when we got to the river, I'd forgotten to put it in the car. Woops.

Me and Kels after 6 hours on the river and a windy ride in Mike's Jeep.

Despite the painful aftermath, it was a GREAT way to spend the memorial day holiday.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The BFF is in Aiken this weekend! She got in late on Friday, so all we did was sit on the couch and drink wine/look at wedding magazines. Yesterday we went downtown for the Memorial Day parade. Kelsey and I sat drinking beer and eating bad food while we waited for it to start.

Mike was in the parade =) 
 My beautiful fwend.
Kels and I got emotional paying tribute to our band geek pasts.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We officially have a bedroom door, again. Mike bought a new one and installed it today. Yay.

I bought this shirt at Target for $20 and I luvz it.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our House [vol.V]

Yesterday marked the first Monday at my new job and, as of right now, I'm loving it. Yesterday I got home to find that Mike had already ripped out one of the closets in the back bedroom and that much to my disbelief, the renovation was under way! Today I came home to a very sweaty Feef, and even MORE had been ripped out!

There used to be a wall here!
Mike's goal (AKA My goal) is for everything to be done (with the exception of the new carpet) by Friday. We'll see. 

STILL buried in boxes over here. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, send over the search and rescue team! 


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our House [vol. IV]

Buried in boxes. Took me 45 minutes to find my laptop.

 Why do we have so much stuff????
 Wedding planning...
Wardrobe boxes.
Buffalo has the right idea. I want a NAP.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our House [vol. III]

We were busy little bees today! The ever so patient Feef and I went through a whole lot of stuff in one of the spare rooms and took it to our storage unit. We emptied out one room entirely, save for some necessary sheriffy stuff that Mike isn't allowed to part with, and also some things that used to belong to his father.

And nooooow....

We have a guest room! YAY! 
This is what it looked like before...

My mom brought down this mirror as per my request, and after changing it's location once or twice, I settled on this nice little set up one day during the week while Mike was at work.

I wuv it! 

And finally, I moved a bookshelf from the spare room out to the hallway because with the desk, bed, and night stand, there wasn't enough room in the guest room.
Old picture of Mike with his friends and one of the two of us, plus some of Mike's cigar boxes, random books, and candles. Yay.

Kind of a lame post. All my furniture from Tallahassee is coming tomorrow, so after a whirlwind weekend of reorganizing and decorating, I'll probably have a few more house related post within the next week.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Here I go!

Today is my official first day of work at my big girl post-grad job. =) I'm only going in for a few ours and then I start for real on Monday.

Yesterday, Buffalo was being silly. There was a wasp crawling around on the window, but she only saw it's shadow on the wall. She spent quite a while meowing at it and trying to find it.

Can you see the shadow?
Then she realized it was outside.
Then she was mad at me for not letting her outside.
Then she played with her tail.

On another note, it's been exactly one month since we got engaged. =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Partridge Inn

Have I told you how thrilled I am to have 101 super awesome followers? You guys rock. Now vote for me and enter my giveaway like good followers are supposed to. ;)

Yesterday my mom, Barbara, and I went to scope out a possible wedding venue. I fell in love with the place. It's very versatile, fits in perfectly with the theme we're shooting for, and aside from having to go with a buffet instead of sit down meal, it's exactly what I want.
Here's the outside. (via)

The rest of these I took during our visit yesterday.
 The main ballroom. We'd use this for both the ceremony and reception. Those tables wouldn't be there, and we'd have white wooden chairs.

 The hallway - we'd have one of the buffets set up here, as well as cocktails and a couple of other foody surprises. The hotel serves lunch Monday - Friday, so these ugly things wouldn't be here during the wedding.
 Stairway where we'd tower the wedding gifts, and table in the corner for the cake.
 The main bar - we're having an open bar. =)
 With the rental, we get 1/4 mile of verandah. There will probably also be a bar station out here. The couches and strange lady would be gone, along with any other plastic furniture. It'd be replaced with wooden tables and chairs and decorated accordingly.
The 2nd ballroom. We'd probably use this for the photobooth, guest book signing, and as more space for mingling during cocktail hour.

I'm excited. It's super southern and charming without feeling old or having that moldy book smell. Andy, the event coordinator, is super sweet/knowledgeable/and helpful. I want to have him around 24/7 to answer my questions. While it's at the top end of the budget, mom & dad talked about it and it's doable.

We'll be making a decision within the week. We have one more place to visit on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Year

So the Feef and I have officially been an item for ONE YEAR today. I celebrated all day long by sitting on my butt and playing Mario Kart. When Mike got home, he had a bouquet of Daisies (my fave) and a big smooch for me.

He suggested Mexican for dinner (because he knows me) and we proceeded to gorge ourselves on all of the usual Mexican food staples...QUESO DIP, salsa, Mike had a beer and I had a Margaritaaaaa. It was the first time since we've been back from Wyoming that I've worn anything other than PJs and work out clothes or put on make-up. Quite the accomplishment!

I was happy about my margarita at first...
But after dinner I realized my eyes might've been bigger than my stomach...
Buffalo doing cat things by the window...
Making his WHY ME face.

I hope everyone had a delightful Tuesday. My mom gets in town tonight! And I might post some wedding planning stuff tomorrow =) 

Jake vs. Tomato Mouse

Tomato mouse is Buffalo's favorite toy, but she was nice enough to let Jake play with it the other day.


Monday, May 16, 2011

World, meet Jake

Last week while Mike and I were galavanting around the Grand Tetons, Barbara (Mike's mom) got a brand spankin' new puppy! She named him Jake, and it's safe to say I'm in love with him and all of his puppy breath glory!

He was abandoned and nobody is quite sure what his parents looked like, so his breed make-up is still TBD.

On a wedding not, mommy is coming to Aiken on Wednesday and we're going to go look at possible venues! WEEE!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike vs. The Drive Thru

A little over a week ago, Mike and I were on our way to Atlanta for our flight to Wyoming. We stopped at McDonalds, because as you know, I'm on a life-long journey to obesity.

We pulled up to the order taker machine and a MALE voice comes on and asks us if we want to try their special "turn your veins and arteries into goo" meal deal.

Mike politely declines with a "No sir, I'd like a number 10 with a diet Coke."

Then an angry dragon lady responds, "I'm a MA'AM. You wan' sauce wit da nuggetz?"

Right, how dare we assume that the male voice we were greeted by would be the same delightful McDonald's employee taking our order.

Mike looks over at me. I can hear his internal monologue debating whether to reach through the speaker and go on a McNugget rampage or keep ordering. He chose the latter.

"Barbeque," he said.

"Dat all?"


We pulled up to the window, got our food, and skidaddled. Down the road I realized she'd given me sweet and sour sauce instead of BBQ, because apparently competency is not one of the requirements during McDonald's hiring process.  >:(

Fast forward a few hours and we've just gotten to Atlanta and checked in to our hotel for the night. (Our flight to Wyoming was early the next morning.) Like usual, I had a late night hankerin' for something sweet. Enter Dairy Queen. There happened to be one less than a mile from the hotel. It was late and Mike wasn't packing cause he left his gun back in SC, so we used the drive thru.

"Can aye take yoo order?"

"Just one second, please."


"Just a minute...ok I'd like one scoop of mint chocolate chip and one scoop of Reese's in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl."

"We don't scoop. No scoops. Just soft serve."

Our bad.

"Oh. Ok then a mint chocolate chip and Reeses blizzard."

"Both in the same one?"


"Anyteenk else?"

"Yes, I need a chocolate covered strawberry waffle bowl. That's all."

"Drive around."

We pull up to window and in the 30 seconds it took to get there I decided that if I didn't have ice cream in a waffle bowl that I might perish immiediately. So when the Indian lady opened the window, Mike asked her if she could pour my Blizzard into a waffle bowl. She said no.

"I cannot do that."

"You mean it's physically impossible for you to pour that into that?"


"Well can we buy a waffle bowl and pour it ourselves?"


So that's what we did. And we now officially hate the drive thru.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visiting Montana

 I love his eyes
 The feef took this one.
 Shaking off the rain.
 The feef took this one, too.
 Wittle birdie
 The feef took this one of me on a giant bear couch
 The Alpha Female. Her name was Akela.
Love birds
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