Monday, June 06, 2011

An hour at Rye Patch

Only a little over a year ago, the Feef and I spent the afternoon at Rye Patch where we took this picture:

Yesterday we went back. I mean, we go there a lot. We didn't get any pics together because Mike was feeling unattractive. WAIT A MINUTE...who's the girl in this relationship????
Mike took all the pics of me. =) 
I took these ones

It's hard to believe where we've come in only a little more than one year. This time last June, Mike and I had only been a couple for a two weeks. I knew so little about him, and he probably had NO idea what he was getting himself in to. And now, here we are...ENGAGED and getting married in 292 days. 


  1. Why are you guys so darn cute! 

  2. I never get sick of looking at that ring! So beautiful! 

  3. Lol, I can't wait to see details, either! I'm having a hard time making up
    my mind.

  4. It so beautiful there Anna! I just LOVE your love story...the next 292 will fly by!
    I cant wait to see some details for your wedding!


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