Saturday, June 04, 2011

Our House [vol.VI]

Hope everyone is having a delightful weekend. I have yet to get out of JAMMIES, so on the Anna's scale of delightful weekends, mine's a 10 so far.

Luckily the Feef is not quite as lazy as I am today (I had a pretty lousy Friday) and has been hard at work on the bedroom all day. He even got dressed and went to Home Depot OH THE INSANITY.
Hard at work installing our closet door.
Closet on the left, half of the new bathroom on the right.

I helped once or twice but primarily sat my butt on the couch and giggled at his sporadic cursing and furious hammering.
Extra wood from the old walls and closets.
Bella and I spent some time outside. 
I don't know what these plants are, but they are EVERYWHERE.



  1. Your puppy is so adorable! She has such pretty coloring. And it's awesome that your feef (love your word-makes me giggle every time I read it ha!) is handy and you don't have to spend the money to hire someone to renovate your house. Can't wait to see the finished product! 

  2. I am impressed Michael. It look great!


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