Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday Date Night

My friend Taylor started a blog. Go follow her. You'll probably like her better than me, anyway.

Mike took me on a date last night because I decided I wanted to go on a date. We ate dinner at Trevinia. It was seriously the best pasta I've had in a long time. Then we drove to Augusta to go see The Hangover II. It did not disappoint.
It was raining. Perfect evening to spend indoors. I felt like I hadn't seen the Feef in a decade since I spent the weekend in VA with my mom and then all day at work on Monday and Tuesday. We've already burned through all of our yard sale money, and last night didn't help, BUT I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I NEEDED TO BE WINED AND DINED.

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  1. Sometimes you just need a break like that, even if you're low on money. The boost in spirit is worth it


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