Friday, July 08, 2011


I'm trying to sell a piece of furniture on Craigslist. I've sold things before without any issues, and I'm smarter than your average bear so I don't fall victim to scammers too easily. I got an inquiry on Wednesday about my posting.

It read:
"Hello. Am Jessica Thomas. I'll like to know if this item still up for sales. Thanks."
The email address was

I didn't respond. Her use of the English language was appalling and unforgivable.

Later, I got another email. It read:
"Hope this item is still available for sale and let me know is condition and the last price. Hope tho read from you soon."
The name of the sender was Jessica Thomas, but the email address was Mattew. Not Matthew.

I responded purely out of desperation. We need the money.
I said:
"Still available. In good condition. I'm not accepting Paypal or shipping the item to you. You must be available to meet in person."

'Cause you know...if they give you money on Paypal and then you ship the item to them, they'll claim to never have gotten it, they'll get Paypal to give them their money back, and then they've gotten your item for free. RUDE.

If we meet in person, I take Mike with me. The feef is always packin' heat, so I don't have to worry about getting kidnapped or sold as a sex slave.

She replied:

"am sorry i only deal with paypal so if you are seriuos in selling this send me your paypal account so as to make the payment into your account and paypal is the best way to pay...and you can receive your mney fast used your money to buy online easyly with paaypal without exposing your credit card so let me know and I could have come over today and pick it up and pay you in cash but due to some circumstances i couldn't be able to make it.and i will like you to provide me with your Paypal account (Invoice) to enable me make the payment. Immediately I get the information as asked above, I will send the payment immediately, Please start getting the item ready for shipped out after you receive this email. Thanks while I wait to hear from you soon. Regards. Thanks."


I responded simply, "You're not even communicating with complete sentences. Try scamming someone else."



  1. Eeek! good thing you are smarter than the average bear! I didn't know paypal automatically sent them a refund...I guess I've never not received a paypal order to know anything differently.

  2. Gah! I despise Craig's List! SO many scammers!!! I'm glad you didn't fall into the trap. We're trying to sell a few TVs and media's about the same situation. Silly people!

  3. My hubby deals with paypal, but it freaks me out! He's pretty good though... hasn't gotten scammed yet. Good luck selling your furniture!

  4. Oh my gosh you crack me up!! You go girl! Ain't nothin' getting past you! Hopefully you'll find a legit person soon to sell your stuff too :)

  5. Um, I really love how they more or less ORDER you to prepare the shipment once you receive the email. RUUUUDEEE!

  6. Lol! This is so funny. Craigslist can be a little shady at times ;)

  7. Thanks You so much for this info.

    I received the exact same email today when I was trying to sell my mobile phone. Of course I never use paypal (atleast for Craigslist) and I did a search on google for jessicat487 and sure enough your page comes up !!!


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