Saturday, July 23, 2011

On the verge

This might be my only post that isn't saturated with pictures.

Saturdays tend to be slow blog days for whatever reason. So, I'm taking this opportunity to whine my little heart out.

I will preface this by saying that I am prone to over-reaction, especially after I've downed three glasses of consolation riesling.

The Partridge Inn is in foreclosure. It will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on September 9th. That's right. My wedding venue, the place that promised me that the happiest day of my life would be March 31st, 2012, has officially catapulted my wedding into a new level of purgatory that I'd never imagined. The Partridge Inn has been around for more than 100 years, and now - after we finally made a decision, booked the venue, settled on a date, and began planning the small details around the layout of the hotel - is going under.

I am beyond upset. I am feeling a sense of bafflement (is that a word?) that I have never before encountered. I want to crawl into a ball of raw emotion and never uncurl - I want to hit something or someone, I want to sob, I want to set the Partridge Inn on fire. I want a hug, and most of all I want to know that everything will work out, because no matter how frequently I am told that it will, I just don't know.

If it was up to me, I'd have a beautiful dress, a small ceremony, and a party afterwards with the people I actually want to be there and know will show up. None of this, let's invite 200 people to the wedding, even though we KNOW a lot of them won't come, because if we don't send them an invitation their feelings will be hurt. 

I absolutely hate this line of evil, but necessary, logic. HATE IT.

I hate that this wedding is so expensive. I'm torn between having everything beautifully done and keeping things simple - the way I like them. But I want magnificent and whimsical pictures. I want a stylish, southern shin-dig that people will envy. I don't want over exposed pictures with shine-enhancing flash or plain, wooden pews - because I'm selfish, vain, and would be ashamed to blog about it afterwards. And yet I do not want to plan a single aspect of ANYTHING. When it comes down to it, I really don't care what kind of flowers we use. I don't care if the bridesmaids dresses are short or long. I don't care. I cared about MY dress, and now that's been taken care of.

So why am I so upset about the venue? Because I DO care about this constant feeling of transition that I seem to be battling lately. If there is one thing I don't enjoy, it's not knowing. I want to know where the wedding is going to be. I want to know what the colors, flowers, and bridesmaids dresses are going to look like. I want the decisions to be made and finalized, whether I have anything to do with making them or not. Does that put me in the Bridezilla category? I don't know. But I do know why weddings turn seemingly normal ladies into crazed brides out for blood.

They're saying that my plans should be fine, and that ownership is the only thing that will be changing. But now that this has come to light, we've found out from other people that the Partridge might not be the place I want to have my wedding anyway. I'm going to try to take this in stride, but the spoiled only-child in me is reeling that things are not going my way.



  1. Ok...
    #2. Everything happens for a reason and maybe this is your chance to re-do things the way you want them
    #3. it is YOUR WEDDING and it is MIKES one elses, look past everyone else and do what you want to doesn't matter about anyone else and if they love you they will support what makes you happy (aka cut down that invite list)
    #4. You know I can relate with the whole hating the unknown the second you want to split a bottle of wine or ten and drown in our sorrows you know I'm down...Megan and Tori drunk dialed me from happy hour yesterday lolll remember when our lives were that simple!?

  2. 1. I love you and everything WILL be okay. Try not to panic or stress.
    2. Read my FB post to you - things are about to get simpler/easier for you.
    3. Ditto Taylor's other comments.
    4. I'll call you when I get home from errands later today.

    Hugs and kisses,

  3. First off, you are NOT a spoiled only child (Well at least not in this case ;) ) This is YOUR WEDDING DAY! If your going to have a fit, and throw a tantrum, YOU DAMN WELL ARE ALLOWED TO!

    This is your day and Mike's day, and however YOU and HIM want to celebrate it, thats how it should go. If other's don't like it, thats too bad.

    Enjoy the weekend, and take some time for you and just relax. Now is a bit of a blur, but Im sure in time everything will fall into place.

  4. aw don't worry... just remember that everything happens for a reason! If that wasn't the venue for you, then you will be sure to find one that is! and you are not crazy for wanting to know every detail of what's going on... i am the same way, i hate when things are uncertain. it will work itself out :)
    xo dana

  5. You are not a bridezilla!
    It's okay if this is the one day of your life you want everything to just go flawlessly and beautifully. It's meant to! And that's why you're stressing out.

    But at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you both said "I Do" and that YOU had a good time. I'm sure you will. I'm positive it will be beautiful and you'll get the stunning, whimsical photos of your dreams.

    This will pass, but in the mean time, just breathe and remember what the day is all about - a celebration of two people in love joining their lives together.

  6. so sorry to hear this! let me know if you need anything - we just planned an extremely in-expensive wedding which [in my opinion] was great! don't stress it will all come together in the end and it's all about you and mike and celebrating your love with your favorite people!

  7. Oh my gosh, that sucks! I'm so sorry to hear that. Everything will work out for the best, though. If it is at all comforting, my firm has had a lot of clients recently who have lost businesses in foreclosure sales but usually the new owner does keep business going as usual. If they didn't, the purchase wouldn't be profitable for them. If you feel like this is an opportunity to look at other venues, go for it. But if your heart is set on this one, it will most likely still work out. I'll keep you in my thoughts!! Hopefully the planning will go a lot smoother from here on out. :)

  8. Everything will work out, I promise!! I can't imagine how stressful this is for you guys, and I've been thinking about you! And like your friend said earlier, it's YOUR day (and Mike's too) but do what YOU want and who cares about the rest. It doesn't matter what others think or want, but what you want to look back on 50 years from now and remember. Good luck with everything and I'll definitely be there if you want me to be!

  9. Fret not! I know wedding planning is so frustrating! My wedding was not mine (it was my mother's....) If I had had it my way, I would have eloped with only immediate family. But in the end you get married to your best friend and get to go home and cook dinner together and fold laundry and say to people "well, my husband and I..." and all is well. Smile beautiful bride to be!


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