Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This might resemble an outfit post

but it's not.

Friday night we went to see Captain America. It did not disappoint. Mike even said the ending could not have been more perfect, and he's QUITE the comic book movie critic. Ladies, if your man wants to go see it, oblige him. It's not exactly difficult to stare at Chris Evans for two hours. Obvi you'll need to feign interest - Captain America WAS the first Avenger, after all. But seriously - I really liked it. Tommy Lee Jones was awesome - I hope I am as snarky and non-sh*t-taking as he is when I'm older...except with female qualities and less wrinkles.

POINT IS, I spent a few minutes on Friday afternoon turning a dress into a skirt. I bought it at Forever 21, and if you're 5'9+ and have ever shopped there, you know they don't exactly make dresses for the tall ladies. Unless, of course, you have normal sized hips and don't mind your hoo-ha hanging out. So I bought this dress last summer, and it actually fit me pretty nicely. I'm a solid medium, and didn't even need to get a large to accomodate my long legs (like I sometimes do). Then I washed it. And it shrank. And was more like a doll's napkin than anything else. So I made it a skirt.


Deets: Skirt-Forever 21 (dress), Tank-Old Navy, Jean Jacket-Hollister circa 2006, Belt-Papaya...so maybe this is an outfit post.
Claps for the Feef for taking these pictures of me! I didn't want to set up the tripod and prance around with my remote control because it's literally 2 billion degrees in Aiken with 256% humidity. NO I'M NOT EXAGGERATING. I cut the back yard with the PUSH MOWER so I should know.

FYI - to see what the dress looked like BEFORE I introduced it to my sewing machine, GO HERE. And yes, I'm aware that I didn't really make any drastic changes to it.


  1. I love what you did with the dress. It was cute to begin with but now its a whole new outfit!

  2. Great job making that dress a skirt! I hate that about Forever. They have so many cute dresses but I'm just not comfortable with hemlines that close to my lady parts - and I'm not even 5'9!!

    PS - Your hair looks amazing! Especially for 256% humidity :)

  3. Holy crap that was once a dress? Talk about a dolly's napkin for sure! I'm 5'11" and can't even buy tops at F21 cause they are way too short, so I do the same thing and buy dresses to wear as flowy tops. I lurve your hair too!


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