Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Vlog

Not anticipating any comments on THIS post. lol
Ok, this is seriously the lamest excuse for a VLOG on the planet, but the chipmunk voices crack me up, and it's a pretty good glimpse into my make-up and hair regimen (because clearly I have make-up and hair worth envying, HOW DRY ARE MY ENDS?)...except this takes place at my office and I usually do my hair and make-up BEFORE work. We were about to leave to go to Columbia for a casting call so I was just getting re-ready.

This is how I imagine I sound to Mike 24/7.


  1. LOL!! I laughed the whole time!! That was so funny:) I love the face you make after you finish your make-up! You're the cutest!!

  2. I just wanted to say that my dog was completely and totally enthralled with the chipmunk voices. It was pretty hilarious. Cute headband btw. :)

  3. this is hilarious - I love that you were making faces at yourself throughout the process, I thought I was the only one?! so how'd you end up wearing your hair??

  4. I love how pissed off you look about your hair while trying to fix it...I imagine that is what I must look like when I'm doing my hair every day

  5. hahahaha i love your hair struggles... so cute!
    xo dana


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