Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lost Phone

The important thing to note before I begin this post is that I lose EVERYTHING. Wallets, cameras, phones, you name it. It's my ONE AND ONLY FLAW.

Thursday night I went downtown to take some pictures. Those will be up later this week. Thursday night I lost my phone. So today, instead of basking in my sunny 4-day weekend glory, I'm waiting anxiously for the UPS man to deliver my replacement.

Clearly with all my free time I'm still too busy to write anything of interest, so here's a QUOTE I made with one of the pictures I took.




  1. at least you didn't lose your DSLR.....that would be an expensive loss!!! :)

  2. Gorgeous. I'm sorry you lost your phone! Hope the new one comes soon so that you can enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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