Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Monday was a rather hellish Monday. I feel like more and more of my days are turning in to "bad" days. I try to keep a positive attitude. I really do. I try to swallow my pride, take instructions, and do the best job I know how. So much of me wants to believe that "making the best of it" will turn things around, but I know deep down it won't.

I find myself hitting 2:00 like a brick wall and daydreaming of Riesling bottles dancing ballet with plates of cheddar cheese. 5:00 always comes too slowly.

Of course, all of this is a vast generalization and not applicable in the slightest to my current work situation. I would never jeopardize my job by blogging about it.

I only included this picture to make up for the 2nd half of this post.
So now on to another issue entirely - 

Sometimes I think I spend way too much time with my animals. Like...I genuinely enjoy their company. Aren't humans supposed to enjoy the company of other humans?

I mean, aside from the fact that Buffalo always looks like she's plotting my untimely demise, she really is pretty adorable.

She also helps me keep Bella off the furniture...

The other night, I told Mike I was going to go read in the bedroom. Buffalo followed me in and layed on the bed with me. So naturally instead of reading I took a series of cell phone pictures of her for the next 30 minutes.

And I officially can't post about my cat without chuckling and thinking of Annahita...
we have a problem.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not here today

I'm guest posting on Kai's blog today!
HEY to anyone who found themselves here via All Kinds of Complicated.

In the mean time, some photos for you to eye ball.

Disney World - Orlando on a trip in December of 2007 or 2008. 
Paris. Also in December. From a trip in 2006.
London. In June. From a trip in 2007.

This is one of the reasons I love photography. It's as if time hasn't even passed. I'm still at these places, or at least some part of me is. And the primary reason why I yearn to travel - so that I might find myself again.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Why is it always Monday?

It was a busy weekend, I mean, aside from all the time we spent watching movies on the couch, it was NON STOP GO GO GO. It's always like that when my mom comes to town. Unbearable, really. All the eating out for dinner and not having to do my laundry can be exhausting, so exhausting that I didn't even take a single REAL picture all weekend.
 I came home on Thursday to a destroyed pair of flip flops. Because apparently taking Bella on a mile run every morning is just NOT ENOUGH EXERCISE,  not to mention the 4621126 toys we constantly have laying around the house...
 I also had to send Mike a picture of the lawn mower's air filter, so naturally I figured a size comparison would be helpful.
And after a busy weekend, I unwound with a Rita Trio at Outback. Because life is hard.

I guess I win the "Most Boring Monday Post EVER" award, huh?


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby loves to grill

My mom got in town late Thursday night after fleeing the menacing shadow Hurricane Irene has cast over Norfolk. She brought her two terriers with her, so we've got a full house of fur babies this weekend! Buffalo is less than thrilled about the temporary new additions. Poor kitty.

Now onto older news...

The Feef got a new grill as an early birthday present. So Tuesday he cooked us up some eatz.
I know our yard is a disaster. Not anymore, we cleaned it!
So many knobz...
His steak. My chicken.
I wuv my Roo.
I guess you know it's time to mow the lawn when you can't find your dog through the bahiagrass...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Double (blind) Date

If you know mine and Mike's story, you know we found eachother online. So clearly I don't have any problem risking abduction/torture and meeting someone from the internet in real life.

After moving to Aiken, I signed up on a website called Meet Up. Essentially, it's a somewhat creepy and yet super convenient way to connect with like-minded people in your area. To make a long story short, I emailed a girl, we messaged on Facebook, and finally made plans to go to dinner on Wednesday night with our significant others. She's also engaged to be married (they're tying the knot the day after my birthday next year!), has an affinity for scrapbooking, and probably loves her dogs just a little too much. PERFECT BFF MATERIAL.

*I did mention my blog to her in passing so hopefully she doesn't read this post...awkward.*

Anyway, we met for dinner at one of the Feef's favorite local haunts and indulged in some greasy bar food and happy conversation. What diet?

We were there for about 2 hours, and the men ended up carrying the majority of the conversation. They're both pretty funny guys, which works out because I'm super awkward in social situations. ANYWAY. It was fun. It was my first real social interaction in a long time. And I'll let you know if they ever contact us to hang out again.

Being a grown up is hard. Here are some pictures of me before we went to dinner. Can you tell I like this shirt?

He's always so happy to be in photos for me...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The World

Sometimes I get really caught up in thinking about how BIG the world is. Especially when I'm driving. It's EASY to forget that so many other people live on this planet with me. Sometimes I'll notice someone in a car who looks like they're crying. Other times, people are laughing so hard I can't believe they have the focus to pay attention to traffic.

But sometimes when I'm stopped at a light, I look around at all of the many cars driving by and am just BAFFLED. How can all of these people exist without me even knowing an INKLING about their lives? How many of them can be dying, laughing, crying, happy, sad, or angry without it even affecting me in the slightest?

How can they all be going about their day without knowing I exist? How many of them have children? How many of them have parents, have lost a parent, never knew their parents? How many of them are making teeny tiny decisions that I'll never even know about? The only time we'll ever even live together in the same second is the brief moment that we're caught passing each other on the road, and even that can hardly be called "together". So many people living so independent of one another.

It's boggling - the world just keeps on spinning whether I'm having a bad day or not.
I know that's really only half the quote but TOUGH COOKIES.

But today is a good day. I'm in a good mood. This was just a random thought.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I ordered a camera strap from Wonder Forest a little while ago and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

And Monday it CAME!

And I love it.

 Look at it just sitting there, all rolled up and precious looking!
Buffalo quite enjoyed the twine it was tied with. But seconds later I found her on my bed hacking and coughing after unsuccessfully attempting to swallow it...and I defend her when Mike calls her stupid.

But anyway...
Thank you, Dana!

The 2nd half of this post is dedicated to Annahita. Imagine me texting you these pictures randomly throughout the day! =P
The 2nd half of this post also might lead many of my readers to believe that I am a crazy cat lady. This is not a false assumption.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have nothing to say.

Here is a self portrait from exactly 1 year and 15 lbs ago.
This is what I ate for lunch


Monday, August 22, 2011

Macro Monday

Warning: this post is photo OBESE.

I ran 1.1 miles in 11 minutes this morning. Considering I haven't been running since May and only went to the gym a handful of times in June, I'm pretty excited about this. I was prepared to run 1/2 mile and then walk the rest when I got up this morning. My goal for the week is to run a mile every morning, and then next week up it to 1.5 miles, and then 2 miles the week after that.

I also have a very odd bump/bruise on my elbow with absolutely no clue as to how it got there.

What is it with bloggers and alliteration? Like...Fun Follow Friday, Wordless Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday...etc. We love it!

Anyway, yesterday I spent some time at Hopeland Gardens exploring with my macro lens. I don't use it as often as I'd like to because it's so sensitive and takes A LOT of patience to get a shot that's not blurry. Unless I have a tripod. I love it though. The Feef got it for me as a Christmas present and it takes beautiful pictures.

Happy Monday, y'all! Sorry this post is so...rambled.  (Combination of random and jumbled? IDON'TKNOW).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Days go by

I cannot believe it's already almost September. The holiday season is fast approaching and I'M SO EXCITED.

Anyway, here's a quick house update for anyone who's interested.

Friday was REALLY, productive on a level that I've never experienced before. And I did it all by myself! Mike has been MIA thanks to some retarded escaped prisoner in a neighboring county. So his dog team, along with 2 other dog teams, have been working hour on end to wrangle up this creepy SOAB.

Since I had a few hours alone for the first time in a while, I did some major house work.

I worked on getting the "real" guest room set up, and then turned the "fake" guestroom into our office.

Guest Room --> Office
First it looked like this:
Then it looked like this,
I had to move this white desk in here in order to make it an office. (see it over in the corner?)
It's big and heavy. And our hallway is narrow. And our doorways are narrow. And it was HARD WORK.
I hung one of Mike's dad's paintings up on the far wall.
And you can barely tell, but I hung my diploma up next to the white desk. The white desk is primarily my stuff, and the brown desk in the 1st picture is Mike's stuff.

Storage Room --> Bedroom --> Guest Room
We used this room as our bedroom while we were working on the renovation. Now it's a super big and cozy guest room for anyone who wants to come stay!
First, it looked like this,
I never took a picture of it when we used it as our bedroom for the inbetween stage. But now it looks like this -


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ansel Adams Saturday

Today we are celebrating the Feef's brother in law's Birthday. Steve's a good guy. We're hanging out at the lake with the family. =)

In unrelated news, here are some photos I took.


 Jackson Hole, WY, Teton National Forest, WY,  Teton National Forest, WY, Vatican City, Italy

Friday, August 19, 2011

Microscope Heart

I'm so excited to be featured at Vintch today for her Microscope Heart Friday installation! 

Rain is one of those things I never miss. In South Carolina, we can go days, weeks even, and sometimes longer without a drop. I'm used to it. Considering how well-known the south's afternoon storms are, it is surprising how frequently we can last without one. Rain is something I'm never really aware of when it's been missing for a while. I don't sit around and wonder when the next storm will come. Because of the humidity, it almost always seems to me like we live in a tropical rain forest, even when it's been dry for a while.
But then there are those days, few and far between, that I get caught in a summer rainstorm. And even more rare are the days that I get caught in a summer rainstorm and don't curse the heavens for ruining my plans. It is on those infrequent days when I actually welcome the rain that I feel genuine peace. When warm, wet drops of water hit my skin and send tingles up my spine and goosebumps down to my toes. When I forget about how crazy my hair is going to look in 10 minutes. When I decide not to be angry about ruining my leather sandals, or when I stop caring about leaving my umbrella at home. Days when I run through puddles with my puppy. Days when I can sit on the couch and watch the drops hit our windows without worrying about making it somewhere on time in the weather. Days when I stop trying to be a mature adult and remember that it's perfectly okay to race twigs in the gutter or get mud on my shorts.
It's the days when I stop fighting and just appreciate the fact that I'm breathing...that I am lucky enough to be able to feel these sometimes unwelcome rain drops on my face and that I have a wonderful man playing in the rain by my side (metaphorically speaking).
Aforementioned Wonderful Man
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