Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Monday was a rather hellish Monday. I feel like more and more of my days are turning in to "bad" days. I try to keep a positive attitude. I really do. I try to swallow my pride, take instructions, and do the best job I know how. So much of me wants to believe that "making the best of it" will turn things around, but I know deep down it won't.

I find myself hitting 2:00 like a brick wall and daydreaming of Riesling bottles dancing ballet with plates of cheddar cheese. 5:00 always comes too slowly.

Of course, all of this is a vast generalization and not applicable in the slightest to my current work situation. I would never jeopardize my job by blogging about it.

I only included this picture to make up for the 2nd half of this post.
So now on to another issue entirely - 

Sometimes I think I spend way too much time with my animals. Like...I genuinely enjoy their company. Aren't humans supposed to enjoy the company of other humans?

I mean, aside from the fact that Buffalo always looks like she's plotting my untimely demise, she really is pretty adorable.

She also helps me keep Bella off the furniture...

The other night, I told Mike I was going to go read in the bedroom. Buffalo followed me in and layed on the bed with me. So naturally instead of reading I took a series of cell phone pictures of her for the next 30 minutes.

And I officially can't post about my cat without chuckling and thinking of Annahita...
we have a problem.


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  2. In response to you noticing you've been have more and more bad days, keep in mind that, usually, when it rains it POURS. But the storm always passes. I'm glad I stumbled on your blog, it's darling. :)

  3. how did I miss this post??!

    I've been having bad days at work too, sucks.

    LOVE, love, l-o-v-e the cell phone photo montage... makes me feel slightly less crazy! [souuulmates]

    in other news, I spent like 15 minutes during breakfast on my iPhone looking at Oliver's "baby pictures" from when he was a puppy... I just couldn't stop, he was so darn little and cute!


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