Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Tuesday Evening

Tuesday was a mediocre day at work. We addressed some pageant drama and I manned the phone almost all day (in between Facebooking and blog stalking, obvi).

At 5:00, Olivia had her very first volleyball game, so as soon as I got out of the office, I hustled my patootie over to her school to support my very favorite soon-to-be niece. She was the prettiest little JV bench warmer I've ever laid eyes on! She's one of the two youngest on the team!  I really hope she sees more playing time as the season progresses.

Then the Feef and I had to mosey on over to Hopeland Gardens for a semi-engagement shoot with Joe and Renee (and little Dragon). Since Renee was preggo during their engagement, they didn't get any official pictures taken. They're getting married in less than a month, CANYABELIEVEIT? Even though she was a beautiful mommy-to-be, Renee is feeling less "fat" these days now that Baby is 8 months old.

She requested that I take a nice shot for them to display at the wedding in New York (Mike is a groomsman so I'm going too, woo hoo!) so obvi I was like OH HELLZ YA, let's rumble! Hopefully I got one that she'll like enough to frame and display for the world to see! These were some of my faves:



  1. gorgeous pictures! girl, you're so talented!

    you're up on my blog today! yay!

  2. What wonderful photos - I love them! vintch is right, you are very talented. I have just popped over from her blog to say hi and to say how much I enjoyed your post about the rain. Have a lovely weekend.


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