Thursday, August 25, 2011

The World

Sometimes I get really caught up in thinking about how BIG the world is. Especially when I'm driving. It's EASY to forget that so many other people live on this planet with me. Sometimes I'll notice someone in a car who looks like they're crying. Other times, people are laughing so hard I can't believe they have the focus to pay attention to traffic.

But sometimes when I'm stopped at a light, I look around at all of the many cars driving by and am just BAFFLED. How can all of these people exist without me even knowing an INKLING about their lives? How many of them can be dying, laughing, crying, happy, sad, or angry without it even affecting me in the slightest?

How can they all be going about their day without knowing I exist? How many of them have children? How many of them have parents, have lost a parent, never knew their parents? How many of them are making teeny tiny decisions that I'll never even know about? The only time we'll ever even live together in the same second is the brief moment that we're caught passing each other on the road, and even that can hardly be called "together". So many people living so independent of one another.

It's boggling - the world just keeps on spinning whether I'm having a bad day or not.
I know that's really only half the quote but TOUGH COOKIES.

But today is a good day. I'm in a good mood. This was just a random thought.


  1. I honestly think about this all the time too, especially while driving!!
    xo dana

  2. I totally agree! I really notice how many people are out there when I'm flying in a plane over all the neighborhood in a big city like Dallas, and in the world do all these people live. It's crazy when you start to think about it.

  3. You're right.. I think this a lot when I'm driving.. especially when I'm alone in the car and on the highway. It makes me feel so SMALL and insignificant!

  4. Love this post - and your new blog design :)

    It's funny that I do most of my thinking in the car too...something about driving with the music on for a while and I just get lost in the most random thoughts.


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