Friday, September 30, 2011


This will be my last DC post. And technically it's about Carrie Underwood. Not DC.

This is a very low quality video, but I wanted to PROVE that Brad did in fact BEAM Carrie Underwood on stage at the concert.

You can see her hologram on stage (sort of). It's that shiny figure in the middle. It was done SO perfectly. She was silhouetted with a spot light so you could really only see her sequined dress and blonde hair sparkling on stage.

When they recorded her, they had some simulated wind and even rehearsed it to where Brad was standing in the right place so she could fake look at him during the duet. EET VAS PERFECTO!

Can you tell I love Brad and Carrie?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visiting Washington D.C.


After the concert on Saturday night, I was still hungover and SO drained. I think everyone else was pretty tired too, so we stayed up for a little bit telling stories but eventually just went to bed without making the jaunt to the bar as planned.

Sunday AM my mom drove up from SOVA and took us to brunch. I was still hungover from Friday. It was UN.BE.LIEVABLE. The food was delish, but my appetite was absent. After we ate, we shopped. After we shopped, I went to the airport and flew home. The sun was setting right as my connection took off from Atlanta and it was SO beautiful to be up in the sky at that moment in time. I didn't have my camera. It was the the overhead compartment and I was angry.

But we did take this picture in the mall.
And I took these pictures before I boarded...
 This girl's hair was BRIGHT orange.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visiting Washington D.C.

So, new blog layout. Thoughts? I'm trying to streamline my life, so naturally redoing the blog is the first step. Right?

Also, I got a surprise onion in my Subway salad on Monday (because Mondays aren't lousy enough) and I was not okay with that. I hate onions. Almost as much as I hate a day without cheese.


I spent most of Saturday rotating between the fetal position in Taylor's bed and the fetal position in Taylor's bathroom. My stomach was apparently of the opinion that I'd had one too many whiskey&diets. I was beginning to agree.

I finally felt like surviving was a viable option around 2:00 after downing some Sprite (that I thought was ginger ale until Taylor told me otherwise). My taste buds are so perceptive. All I needed to know was that it was carbonated and liquor-free. I also munched on some macaroni from Noodles&Company.

We headed to the concert at around 4 - it's a long story but we got there super early, didn't watch any of the side-stage acts, and made fun of the drunk high-schoolers until Brad finished around 10:30. 
 Megan, Me, Laura, and Taylor - the concert goers.
 Black eye? I don't know. Anything is possible.
 Megan and Me
Thankfully it stopped raining and we stayed dry all night long.

Now, if you read my post from last week, you'll remember that I mentioned how I'd heard that Brad BEAMS Carrie Underwood onto the stage during "Remind Me," and I WAS RIGHT. It was really pretty amazing. When she appeared on stage, everyone thought she was actually there. It was such a good effect, and Carrie looked FLAWLESS, like usual. I got a video of it, but haven't gotten around to uploading it yet because it takes Youtube EONS to process the things I post.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visiting Georgetown

 Like I said in yesterday's post, we spent Friday in Georgetown despite the weather. We walked along the river for a bit, then walked up to see some town houses.
 We took a peak inside Baked and Wired at some delicious treats -
My future home...duh.
After gallivanting around Georgetown, we headed home. Taylor made cookie dough filled cupcakes and we got ready for the evening in Arlington.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Visiting Washington D.C.

As the title of this post suggests, I'm back from DC. And with the exception of my record-breaking TWO DAY hangover, I survived my weekend in NOVA. It.was.a.blast. A BLAST, you guys. I'm actually going to do something that I don't usually do and take a couple of posts this week to "re-cap."

DAY ONE or TWO, depending on how you count your days

Since I flew in so late on Thursday night, I'm having issues deciding whether or not to count Thursday night as day one, or just start with Friday...I guess since I don't have any pictures from Thursday, Friday wins. This is a very stupid, useless paragraph and I really I hope you read the whole thing.

FRIDAY it was raining and I wanted to shoot lasers straight into mother nature's heart. I was angry. Ok I wasn't that angry, but Friday was my ONE day to get out to Georgetown and take AMAZING, AWE-INDUCING photos. We explored a little bit, and I did get a compliment on my feet at one point from a sharply dressed black man. I haven't edited the images off the D90 just yet, so you'll have to wait.

After we were thoroughly drenched, we went home to shower, bake cupcakes, drink wine, play Apples to Apples, and wait for Taylor's new BOYFRIEND to come over so I could harass him and embarrass her. Then we went out. Fun was had.

Taylor, Megan, and Me - before we left the apartment and apparently my hair was already a frizzy mess, GREAT.
 Me and Taylor AKA THE BEST LITTLE EVER. Like my new boots? Of course you do.
We went to a bar in Arlington called RiRa. There was a live band and I may or may not have sang Buttercup at the top of my lungs while simultaneously avoiding 50 year old sex-eyes at the bar.

I also met Kelley who is a READER of my blog. We took shots together and I pretended to be famous. You know how it is.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today's the Day!

In DC, y'all! Sorry, I'm not cool and didn't arrange any guest posts. I'm going to be gone over the weekend and most of you don't even blog over the weekend!
I love being reunited with my Mizzles, but I'm missin' my honey...


Friday, September 23, 2011


If you didn't pick up on it yesterday, I love DC. I also love concerts. This will be the third time Taylor and I have gone to a concert together, so I'm going to take this opportunity to reminisce on our adventures.

The first concert I ever went to with Taylor was to see T-Swift in Atlanta. SHE. WAS. AWESOME. She has got to be the most gracious performer out there. We also were supposed to see Gloriana, but got stuck in traffic and missed them. I think we caught the tail end of Kellie Pickler's set, but we were really there to see Taylor, anyway.

I couldn't find any of the pictures I took. I must have deleted them in an effort to rid the world of my hideous dye-job. So instead, I present to you one of my famous video montages -
I can't believe I'm posting this. I'm really not in it very often, but when I am, it's embarrassing. I wasn't even 21 yet...yikes. This was so long ago!

The second concert Taylor and I went to was to see Jason Aldean AKA Taylor's soul mate in Tallahassee last fall. Uncle Kracker opened (yawn) but Jason was GREAT. I think Taylor spent most of the night staring at his butt in those tight jeans.
We went with two of our other friends, Shannon and Alex (the two in the middle). Fun was had. We drank legally.

Anyway, this will not be the first time I've seen Brad live. I caught him in VA Beach during his American Saturday Night tour and he has since released a new album. PLUS word on the street is he "BEAMS" Carrie Underwood's hologram onto the stage for his performance of "Remind Me." I am sooo intrigued to see this in real life.

I hope your Friday went well and I can't wait to catch up on all my blog friends when Monday rolls around and I have some free time!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Visiting Washington D.C.

I'm heading NORTH to visit my leetle in Arlington tonight after work! I am so excited! I adore DC and I hope we get to make a trip to Georgetown while I'm there! My mommy is going to drive up on Sunday to take us to lunch =)

Here are some pictures from my last trip to the capitol. A friend of mine is pretty well connected AKA his Grandpa is a congressman, so we were able to visit Nancy Pelosi's office and got a pretty stellar view of the mall.
Aforementioned well-connected friend, Sam.
We also spent a fair amount of time walking around. I love DC. Love love love. Love. LOVE.
This is Janet. She lives in Italy with her Hubby now.

Did I mention we're going to the Brad Paisley/Blake Shelton/Jerrod Nieman concert on Saturday? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hump Day

The business cards came in!!!!!!!
 I love them! They're fun. And a little LESS ordinary than what you'd normally find without being so over-the-top unique that they stop being functional. Plus they were affordable. And with the exception of a small alignment problem (could be either my fault or the printer's fault...not sure) that I'm sure nobody else will really notice, they're perfect.
This is my cat Picolo. He lives with my Dad in Italy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Saturday marked exactly 6 MONTHS until Mike and I are officially Mr. and Mrs. I'm so excited.

Friday I ordered my new business cards for Aiken Heart Photography. Before I showed the guy my design, he asked what I was getting them for. I paused for a minute before I answered him. I was almost EMBARRASSED to tell him. It was a weird feeling. I was worried he might laugh at me. Or judge me. Or not take me seriously. I told him it was for my photography business, and instantly felt proud of myself.

He didn't outwardly scoff or anything, in fact, he told me his dad was a semi-professional photographer, and I in turn told him SO IS MINE, OMGSH COOL!

I'll post a picture of the design later this week when I get them in.

Until then, here are some self portraits I did on Friday after work. It was the first day of PERFECT boot weather. 66, windy, overcast - fall is really trying to make a statement and I love it!


Friday, September 16, 2011

I am SO lame

My post yesterday was boring. I apologize.

Hey you guys - first I just want to thank all of you who sent me sweet emails and/or comments about my post on Tuesday. I'm really excited about my new blog and can't wait to see where this leads me. Both of my parents have also been hugely supportive and I feel so blessed.

Mike gave me a pretty awesome pep talk on Wednesday, and now I'm even more eager to follow a path that leads me OUT of the "rat race" and into a life that I can be proud of and happy with at the same time.

ANYWAY, after I made my new blog, I decided that I needed to develop a watermark for all of the images I post there. I came up with one that I like for now and then made it into a brush for easy application and color adjustment.

I'm obsessed. I am stamping my watermark on literally EVERYTHING.

I started editing photos to post on the new blog, but in order to avoid it just turning in to a photo dump, I can't post them all.

So instead, I'm posting them here. YAYSIES.

I think I posted some Italy pics not too long ago, but these ones are better...because they're watermarked.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Thursday


"Sometimes I wonder,
when time runs out
where I’ll wish I was.
Under the shade of oaks or
sitting silent beneath
skies of orange, pink and
thinking sweetly of my time with you?
Running swift
before some brewing storm, or
hoping to one last time
know the way you look
at me when I spin in circles,
grab your hand,
you make me sing.
When time runs out
I hope I know what knowing is.
I hope I have the comfort of
just you being near and 
holding on so I might not fall, or
see that time's run out at all."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New York 2.0 + some thoughts

Let's talk about leaps of faith. One of my favorite bloggers posted something on Tuesday that really got me thinking.

"You've got to jump off the cliff...and build your wings on the way down."

I'm feeling so inspired and uncertain at the same time. My heart is divided between being a responsible adult and being a happy adult, unable to find the median.

I don't know if you're aware, but photography is probably my greatest passion. I went to school to learn how to "write good," but somewhere along the way, a love for the lens took over. Of course, I know that there will always be someone with more talent than I have, but that doesn't change the fact that I drive down the road composing pictures in my head of everything I pass.

I grew up being taught what I now realize is this sort of dichotomy between doing what I enjoy and doing what will make me the most money. Unfortunately, I'm starting to realize that neither of these is the same thing.

Of course, the Feef is never anything but outwardly supportive. He wants me to be happy and encourages me to make a business of taking pictures. Though, when it comes down to it I'm not sure he'd be thrilled if I quit my 9-5 paycheck only to replace it with no set schedule or income.

Not to mention my obvious lack of experience and/or client base. I'm not sure taking portraits of family and friends every few months would exactly pay the bills, and my social ineptitude might make for some interesting photo shoots.

So, here we are again. Me complaining about my apparent lack of a life plan, like usual. But this time, I'm asking for advice. What do you do to reach your goals?

This is what I'm doing to reach mine:

I dove right in. Yup. I created a whole new blog to cover my photography in its entirety. Don't fret. I still plan on posting pictures here, too, along with your regularly scheduled frivolity. But this new one is aimed at broadening my horizons and showcasing my (as of yet non-existant) customers. Every photographer needs a good photo blog, right?

I didn't design this one. I wanted it to run flawlessly, and me rooting around in the coding on a whim probably wouldn't be the best idea. I did work really hard to customize it, though. When I finished working on it last night I noticed that it was the first moment in a long time I'd actually felt satisfied. And now I'm just itching to get started.

So, check it out if you want. You can subscribe via email if you want to stay updated. =)

Aiken Heart Photography

That's all for now - this melodrama will be over tomorrow, I promise.

A left over New York shot from last week -

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So, yesterday I posted about my adoration for cheese, specifically of the macaroni variety.
Naturally, that left me with an intense craving that I had no choice but to satisfy.

I decided to try to make a "lighter" version of my mom's classic cheesy baked sausage mac, and I think I succeeded. The Feef wasn't around to accolade me with lip smacking and second helpings, but I took care of both those fronts.

Since this isn't a food blog, I'm not including the recipe in its entirety. Just know that I didn't use egg, real butter, or whole milk, and instead used chicken broth, LIGHT butter, and reduced fat cheddar, along with whole wheat pasta, BROCCOLI and SPINACH. Apparently incorporating greens into your diet is important.

If anyone wants the full recipe, let me know.
Let's face it. This wouldn't be a real post without a picture of Buffalo.

Monday, September 12, 2011


It's Monday. I'm exhausted.

So you won't be mad when I tell you Stephanie tagged me in a little game and it's the perfect excuse to NOT come up with a real blog post today! YAY.

I'm supposed to come up with 7 random facts about myself.

1. I was born in Cuba. Mike and I pretend that I'm an illegal immigrant. But I'm not.

2. If you don't like my animals, I don't like you. And I will most likely think that there is something inherently WRONG with you.

3. Cheese.
Preferably with wine. But also in macaroni form.

4. I could literally spend an eternity looking a kitten pictures and not get bored.

5. I love twinkle lights and wish it wasn't tacky to leave them up on the house all year long.

6. I didn't have my first hamburger until I got to college.

7. If I could live anywhere, I'd live in a permanent winter wonderland, but with a bank account large enough to afford me quick trips to the beach every now and then.

Ok, so the rules of the game stipulate that I must tag up to 15 other bloggers. But since I'm antisocial, I'm only tagging 5. Here are my picks -

Annahita @ Forever88
Ashley @ Sloanbook
Jamie @ The CP
Kai @ All Kinds of Complicated
Jenni @ Jenni Austria Germany

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today, Joe and Renee are tying the knot.
And their little munchkin is getting baptized!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

New York

So, we made it to New York in one piece. We're staying in a fairly small town [read: very small town] and as if a sick baby wasn't enough for the soon-to-be newlyweds, the Susquehanna river area is currently being drowned with rainfall. Renee's sister's house fell victim to the flooding, and Mike spent some time today with Joe and other family members moving the furniture from the ground floor to a friend's house. Their basement is completely submerged at this point.

It's really unbelievable. I feel so upset for Renee. They're not sure what the status of their wedding is - it is supposed to be on Saturday, but with so much going on, including a mud slide on I-88, many guests will not be able to attend, and some of the vendors may be stranded.

Did you know that water moving at a mere 4 miles per hour can cause as much damage as, if not more than, an EF2 tornado?
 The garage
 Little Peyton was having some stomach virus issues.
It really is a beautiful area, though. WAY greener than South Carolina, that's for sure.
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