Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So, yesterday I posted about my adoration for cheese, specifically of the macaroni variety.
Naturally, that left me with an intense craving that I had no choice but to satisfy.

I decided to try to make a "lighter" version of my mom's classic cheesy baked sausage mac, and I think I succeeded. The Feef wasn't around to accolade me with lip smacking and second helpings, but I took care of both those fronts.

Since this isn't a food blog, I'm not including the recipe in its entirety. Just know that I didn't use egg, real butter, or whole milk, and instead used chicken broth, LIGHT butter, and reduced fat cheddar, along with whole wheat pasta, BROCCOLI and SPINACH. Apparently incorporating greens into your diet is important.

If anyone wants the full recipe, let me know.
Let's face it. This wouldn't be a real post without a picture of Buffalo.


  1. oh Buffalo, I kinda love him.

    and now I'm craving mac & cheese. mmmmmm.

  2. hi anna! i found you via annahita...

    she knew we would be perfect blogger friends. :)

    i grew up in tallahassee so i loved reading your blogs about 'home.'

    check out cheeriosandbeer.blogspot.com when you get time.

    and i am super jealous of that dinner. mine was sooo boring last night.


  3. Buffalo is so adorable!!!! She seriously makes Amanda Simmonds and I want to get a kitten for our apartment.....

  4. Wow that looks delicious! I would love the full recipe! If you're ever looking for anything yummy, I like to post a new recipe every week. I love trying out other peoples recipes!




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