Monday, September 12, 2011


It's Monday. I'm exhausted.

So you won't be mad when I tell you Stephanie tagged me in a little game and it's the perfect excuse to NOT come up with a real blog post today! YAY.

I'm supposed to come up with 7 random facts about myself.

1. I was born in Cuba. Mike and I pretend that I'm an illegal immigrant. But I'm not.

2. If you don't like my animals, I don't like you. And I will most likely think that there is something inherently WRONG with you.

3. Cheese.
Preferably with wine. But also in macaroni form.

4. I could literally spend an eternity looking a kitten pictures and not get bored.

5. I love twinkle lights and wish it wasn't tacky to leave them up on the house all year long.

6. I didn't have my first hamburger until I got to college.

7. If I could live anywhere, I'd live in a permanent winter wonderland, but with a bank account large enough to afford me quick trips to the beach every now and then.

Ok, so the rules of the game stipulate that I must tag up to 15 other bloggers. But since I'm antisocial, I'm only tagging 5. Here are my picks -

Annahita @ Forever88
Ashley @ Sloanbook
Jamie @ The CP
Kai @ All Kinds of Complicated
Jenni @ Jenni Austria Germany


  1. i could NOT agree with #7 more! those winter wonderland photos are amazing.

    ps did i ever tell you that the flyer giveaway was just the best ever?! because it was.

    i'll start working on my 7s!

  2. Thanks for the tag love! I will do this post this week for sure!!!

  3. I love these kind of games! Nice to get to know you better :)

  4. These types of games are so fun! I was tagged in one that asked 20 questions about myself.

    Just came across your blog and excited to read more! Your newest follower!

  5. Aw, glad I could help out with post ideas. :)

    I love all these Anna facts! And I sorta agree with you on #7, except in my winter wonderland, it wouldn't actually get super cold.

  6. Oh man, I wish we lived close enough to hang out, eat cheese and play with your animals all day


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