Monday, October 31, 2011

Visiting Helen, Georgia

This post is going to be picture heavy.

The weekend was a success, y'all. And by success, I mean "bank account emptying, beer coma inducing, day full of riotous laughter."

We drove up to Helen on Friday as soon as Mike got off work. Naturally, the day full of glorious sunshine turned to torrential rain the minute we got on the interstate. It rained the WHOLE 4 hour drive there and into the morning. But when we got up at 9:00 to go to breakfast, it was gorgeous outside.

 Our digs for the weekend - the Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel
Renee, Me and Rachel
Joe and Mike - had they figured out the puzzle, we would have won a free round of put put. They didn't figure it out.
 Jeff and Rachel =)
All in all, a WONDERFUL weekend. =) 

I was in picture taking HEAVEN. If you're planning on visiting Helen, here are some tips -

1. Get a refillable boot or mug.
2. a- Don't buy your refills at the Bier Garten. Buy them at Paul's down the street and across the river. They're $4 cheaper there. 
b- they WILL fill your boot/mug with things other than beer. Don't be afraid to load that baby up with margarita. It'll be worth your while.
3. Order a hot pretzel with beer cheese. Your mind will be BLOWN. 
4. If you want to eat dinner at Old Heidelberg, be prepared for their rude waiters and refusal to substitute items on the menu. Also be prepared for a hefty bill at the end of the meal. ALSO be prepared for the best wiener schnitzel this side of the Alps.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


We're in Helen all day -
here are some cute iPhone pictures of Buffalo to hold you over!


Friday, October 28, 2011

See Ya wouldn't wanna be YA!

BRB - Going to Oktoberfest in Helen for the weekend!!!!!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Seasons

I think more than a few people will agree on me with this one - I'm fickle.

I am the literal embodiment of the saying, "you always want what you can't have." And I'm not exclusively referring to material things. Although I'd love to have a 2012 Mercedes MLK.

I'm talking about wanting straight hair when you have curly hair. Wanting to be taller or shorter. Wanting Bush back when you have Obama. Wait, what? lol

I'm talking about the seasons.

When it's the middle of summer and the heat is so stifling that I can't even walk outside to the mail box without breaking a sweat, ALL I can think about is how badly I want it to be fall. In the fall, when it cools to the mid 70s FINALLY, all I can think about how is winter - being able to see my breath, frost in the mornings, and the hope of at least one snowboarding trip. But then in the winter, when my finger tips are numb, I have to scrape my windshield before going to work, and EVERYTHING around me is dead and bare, I crave the spring. It's a vicious cycle.

Then there are mornings like this morning -
 It was beautiful - plain and simple. And I was immediately happy to be exactly where I was at that moment.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Holidays

Last year I put up my Christmas tree on Halloween. I've always been more of a fake tree kind of girl. Easy, low-maintenance, and more conducive to my laziness habit of leaving the tree up until Valentine's Day. My mom always had a fake one, too. They're just bigger and fuller looking.

Anyway, I am getting antsy for the holidays, so I decided to take some time today to revisit a poem I wrote in junior year of college. It's a modified villanelle. If you don't know what a villanelle is, educate yourself here.

Christmas; a modified Villanelle

Christmas means red and green,
the scuffling of tiny feet on hardwood floors
and shiny ornaments that reflect the light
from the blinking bulbs on the Christmas tree,

and sugar sprinkles melting on cookies
next to the glass of milk that waits for Santa,
and listening for the sounds of reindeer hooves all night.
Christmas means red and green,

 and sitting on the couch warm and toasty
in front of the fire that burns hot
on frost nipped fingers and wiggling toes
while the light bulbs twinkle on the Christmas tree,

and hidden presents and popcorn strings
and dreaming about everything Santa might bring
While Sinatra sings, “…merry and bright…”
Christmas means red and green,

snow on the windowpanes melting
and steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows as white
as Santa’s beard and wide smile,
and the blinking bulbs on the Christmas tree,

and waking up to the smell of turkey
on the type of morning when the cold feels right.
Because Christmas means red and green
and light bulbs blinking on the Christmas tree.
Yea, I know this is total amateur hour. IS IT DECEMBER YET?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The only "week in iPhone pictures" meme that I know about takes place on and is primarily frequented by baby-bloggers. I'm not a baby-blogger, so I don't really want to link-up there. Not that I have anything against baby blogs. I probably spend way too much time reading baby-blogs than is healthy. I love baby blogs. ANYWAY.

EDIT - JK Y'all. I found a link up over at A Little Dash of Ash. =) 

Here is my last week or so in iPhone photos...

Bonnie, one of the bloodhounds, had puppies!!! 4 boys and 4 girls. SOOO ADORBS.
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