Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aiken County Farmers Market and a Yard Sale

Saturday was a good day. Shonn and Gena had a yard sale at their warehouse which is conveniently right around the corner from the Farmer's Market. It was perfect since I've been wanting to check out the market for a while now.

We hung out with The Horton's for a while, (Tim, Irish and the babies even came!) and then mosied on over to the Farmer's Market to scope it out.

I bought some Apples but then lost track of them I only got to eat one.
Mike and I split a pretty delicious pastry, too. =) Ok. I ate most of it.
Then Saturday evening we spent the night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Augusta. It's not opened to the public yet and a new friend of mine had some super awesome free passes! Between the 6 of us, we racked up a food & drink bill of over $200. Thanks to the passes, we only paid $8 for our meal, plus tip. AWESOME.
This was the sunset on the way to dinner =)


  1. You always have such gorgeous photos!! Your outfit is so colorful. Love it! Sure sounds like a great weekend to me. :)

  2. so fun! you're nicer than I am I offered one bite of my pastry and took it back and ate the rest, yum.

  3. The pictures look amazing! I wish I had one of the dark red apples right now. Yum! I think I really need to go to a farmers market...

  4. Wait, you reduced a $200 bill to $8?! WHAAAAAAT?! haha! That's awesome! These pictures are amazing!

  5. I am soo jealous of your photographs. I am definitely going to invest in a good camera and some classes! I've also decided to give Picasa and Picnik a rest. I'm over decorating my photos.....good photos don't need embellishment. But, I think, since I'm new to the sites I've been like a kid in a toy store, playing with all the dials. Now I just have to learn to take pix like yours. So beautiful.


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