Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Holidays

Last year I put up my Christmas tree on Halloween. I've always been more of a fake tree kind of girl. Easy, low-maintenance, and more conducive to my laziness habit of leaving the tree up until Valentine's Day. My mom always had a fake one, too. They're just bigger and fuller looking.

Anyway, I am getting antsy for the holidays, so I decided to take some time today to revisit a poem I wrote in junior year of college. It's a modified villanelle. If you don't know what a villanelle is, educate yourself here.

Christmas; a modified Villanelle

Christmas means red and green,
the scuffling of tiny feet on hardwood floors
and shiny ornaments that reflect the light
from the blinking bulbs on the Christmas tree,

and sugar sprinkles melting on cookies
next to the glass of milk that waits for Santa,
and listening for the sounds of reindeer hooves all night.
Christmas means red and green,

 and sitting on the couch warm and toasty
in front of the fire that burns hot
on frost nipped fingers and wiggling toes
while the light bulbs twinkle on the Christmas tree,

and hidden presents and popcorn strings
and dreaming about everything Santa might bring
While Sinatra sings, “…merry and bright…”
Christmas means red and green,

snow on the windowpanes melting
and steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows as white
as Santa’s beard and wide smile,
and the blinking bulbs on the Christmas tree,

and waking up to the smell of turkey
on the type of morning when the cold feels right.
Because Christmas means red and green
and light bulbs blinking on the Christmas tree.
Yea, I know this is total amateur hour. IS IT DECEMBER YET?


  1. i DEFINITELY love the poem. expecially because i'm such a big holiday lover as well! i can't wait to be decorating a christmas tree, filling a house with christmas music and making and eating as much yummy christmas food as possible! oh, and getting together with family and friends is pretty great too!

  2. You're so funny. I love the whole season of Christmas almost more than the actual day...the movies, decorations, wrapping, music etc . Kai made me promise not to start watching Christmas movies until at least November. I could watch them all year...they make me happy. I love The Santa Claus. Now that Im not working, I can start really early and enjoy the season as long as I want.....

  3. Christmas is so magical :)


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