Thursday, October 13, 2011

How NOT to make Chicken&Dumplings

I wanted chicken and dumplings for dinner on Monday night because it was chilly and rainy all day long. Also, I've decided to sabotage any weight-loss progress my morning runs might be making.

GIRLS, I've been running every morning for over a week now and STILL no weight loss. What gives? OH that's right, my awful dieting habits.
 Mama's recipe uses biscuits for dumplings. I rolled them out and then cut them up.

I asked my mom for her recipe because she makes delicious C&Ds - she didn't have it written down anywhere so she just told me what to do over the phone. I was driving at the time, so that (compounded with my horrible memory) eventually led me to search "Chicken and dumpling recipe" on Google. Paula Dean's recipe was the first result, so naturally I looked at that one on my phone as I was browsing the grocery store aisles.

I followed P.D.'s recipe more so than my mom's, but really ended up making some sort of terrifying hybrid of the two. My broth/gravy was FAR too watery - not creamy like my mom's. And apparently the pound of salt and pepper I added wasn't enough because it really just tasted bland. A carton of corn starch and 235262 "pinches" of salt later, I had something that moderately resembled the chicken and dumplings of my dreams.
 My dumplings before they got added to the broth.
Zee final product!

Moral of the story - when your mom gives you a recipe always have a pen and paper NO MATTER WHAT and do NOT stray from her instructions in the slightest.

Also, Paula Dean does NOT always know best.


  1. first - you have serious blog ADD, I was so confused by the design when I first got here, I thought I was at the wrong blog. Your chicken and dumpling fail still looks delicious! :)

  2. Ive never had chicken and dumplings before, but it sounds really good!


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