Monday, October 17, 2011

If it pleases and sparkles

You guys, I am AWFUL at painting my nails. I'm nowhere near ambidextrous enough to do BOTH hands on my own. My left hand always looks fine when I finish (because I'm right handed) but my right hand always looks like a crippled toddler painted my nails. Plus, I end up concentrating so hard on making it look nice that I manage to ruin my other hand by accidently rubbing the wet polish against my knuckles or something.

Seriously. It's a struggle. And my nailbeds are SO shallow even when my nails grow a lot they still look short. =(

Not to mention nail polish always takes a decade to dry all the way, and I'm impatient. So if I manage to do a nice job painting, I promise you I'll mess it up 2 minutes later trying to button my jeans or open the refrigerator.

SO you'll understand why I was so excited after I managed to do a NICE job painting BOTH hands, found the patience to sit and WAIT until both hands were dry, and then even took pictures to prove it! I actually got pretty adventurous and tried out GLITTER for the first time!
 I used Essie "Lady Like" for the base coat.
 And a glitter shellac by Melani called "Disco Lights." It's a clear, goldish/pink glitter. It requires a base coat of a similar color family.

They really look MUCH more pretty in person YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

Also, sorry that I suck at taking good "hold the bottle while simultaneously displaying your nails" without getting instant carpal tunnel.

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  1. Gorgeous! I need to have more glitter in my life.


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