Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The only "week in iPhone pictures" meme that I know about takes place on and is primarily frequented by baby-bloggers. I'm not a baby-blogger, so I don't really want to link-up there. Not that I have anything against baby blogs. I probably spend way too much time reading baby-blogs than is healthy. I love baby blogs. ANYWAY.

EDIT - JK Y'all. I found a link up over at A Little Dash of Ash. =) 

Here is my last week or so in iPhone photos...

Bonnie, one of the bloodhounds, had puppies!!! 4 boys and 4 girls. SOOO ADORBS.


  1. I went to get the new iPhone on Sunday... they told me no until December 6th. The countdown is on - I can't wait to play with Siri!

  2. I have the iphone 4, but I want the 4s so I can play with siri. I love the wrapping paper you used! And that cat, oh my goodness- cool pic!

  3. i would not have thought these were iphone pictures...you're good.

  4. AWww that puppy is absolutely adorable!! Great pictures. Oh and my husband and I were watching TV last night, and we saw the iPhone commercial where the girl asks Siri what a weasel looks like. My husband actually asked it that. It pulled up a picture of a weasel. How cool is that?! Love my new phone :) :)

  5. Bahahaha what you asked Siri was hysterical!!!

  6. Wow, what great photos! I can't wait to get an iPhone in April :)
    Thanks for sharing!!


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